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I`m level one seller but gig is in new seller category

I was promoted as level 1 seller yesterday. but my gig is in New seller gig list yet. does anyone have same problem?

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level one seller
Congratulations to you

Hi Misha,

Congratulations on reaching seller level 1. BTW, I had a look at your gigs and I even tried using Fiverr search to look for your gigs. It shows level 1 throughout. At least that’s some good news.


Yes, you’re right. When filtering the search results based on seller level, your gigs only show up under “New Seller” and not under “Level One”. I think once a seller’s level changes, it probably takes a couple of days for that to reflect in the search results, too. So, yeah, since it’s only been about 24 hours since you got your level 1 status, you could wait for a couple of days and see if it changes. If it doesn’t change, you can always contact Customer Support.

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thank you very much for spending your valuable time with my issue,

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