I`m level one seller but gig is in new seller category


I was promoted as level 1 seller yesterday. but my gig is in New seller gig list yet. does anyone have same problem?


level one seller
Congratulations to you


Hi Misha,

Congratulations on reaching seller level 1. BTW, I had a look at your gigs and I even tried using Fiverr search to look for your gigs. It shows level 1 throughout. At least that’s some good news.


Yes, you’re right. When filtering the search results based on seller level, your gigs only show up under “New Seller” and not under “Level One”. I think once a seller’s level changes, it probably takes a couple of days for that to reflect in the search results, too. So, yeah, since it’s only been about 24 hours since you got your level 1 status, you could wait for a couple of days and see if it changes. If it doesn’t change, you can always contact Customer Support.


thank you very much for spending your valuable time with my issue,