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I’m new and I would love to know more about stats

I am very new to Fiverr, I got 1 order and I was very excited but I noticed everyone is saying there are no orders because of Covid.
Can you guys share a screenshot of statistics from December to now?
I am very curious to know how the curve has changed.
Thank you sooo much


Anyone would share some thoughts and stats?

I am new here and i got no any orders.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I would love to know before of Covid how many orders were usual per day :slight_smile:

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There is no “usual per day”. Every seller’s experience and sales level will be different. There is no one single answer to your question.


What’s your experience before Covid ?and now?can you share with us your graphic ?
To give us a real experience?

Unfortunately, that’s not something you need to know. MY sales levels will not help YOU become a better seller. My experience – my stats, and the sales they represent – will not be the same as yours, and, therefore, would not be useful information to you.


I would suggest you do a free course on fiverr. It is designed for new sellers. It is easy and does not require much time.
Moreover, in forum you will get good materials on almost everything if you search.
Best wishes.:slight_smile:

you can get more data in some website by using crawler and python.