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I,m new on fiverr


Hi, i,m new on fiverr. How do I get my first order? How to pramote my gig?



Welcome to Fiverr.

Here is an awesome post of Paul’s that collates a lot of wonderful forum posts together in order to help new members on Fiverr. Have a look-


Thank you.this is my gig, is there any error? Gig


welcome i am new too, try buyer request.
wish you luck


Welcome to Fiverr! :tada:


Thank you,
I have not arrived for two days in bayer request.


look it furstrating as this happened with every one, including me,
But i got my first order from buyer request and the order is really nice.
If you want to know how i got it, just check me post.

and if you dont want to read as that is long, i will sum it up for you now "When it comes to buyer request be persistent"


Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:


Welcome to Fiverr…good luck.:+1::+1::+1:


You are warmly welcome to Fiverr…