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I’m new on here and I’m trying to get the momento going

I decided to work on Fiverr to help getting more money for my college plans, but it’s rather hard to start off. I’m trying to get my first sales going in and getting my momento, but for some reason they just don’t seem to want to get to it.

In case anyone is looking for a cheap, low priced Logo, only 5$ since I am new in the platform, please make sure to check out my Gig, it would be a great help!

Yeah I’m in the same boat I do copywriting. Finished copyhour. Just made a fiverr account to get the ball rolling. Haven’t made a sale yet. I sent some cold emails to local design and agencie firms. Got a bit of traffic but no conversion. I also linked my URL to Quora and answered questions. Got some traffic from there but I woke up today and quota removed my URL.

Me as well. I’ve had a little bit of trafficking, mostly coming from Twitter, and still no deals made. Starting off is the hardest part, I mean there are always buyer requests, but even those are full of competitive offers, so it’s hard for beginners.

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Twitter is a good idea actually I will start doing that as well

I am new here too and a little desperate about fiverr algorithm.

You can’t promote yourself on Quora.


Yeah i woke up and the blocked my url, did abit of twitter today see how that goes.

Best of luck and trust me if you write good proposals in reply to Buyer Requests, you can surely get awarded with order.

Just don’t promote yourself in conversations or appropriate other topics to promote yourself.

And only some of your Tweets should be promotional/link to your website if you want to engage people and get leads.

It’s essential to understand how leads are possible on the platform you are going to use and what can prevent them.