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I m new seller , what can I do to increase my chances to have orders!!

I putted three skills I have in presentation design, web developer and email design content, with a cheap price , however I didn’t get orders yet. What can I do ! is anyone know the best way to attain buyers!!

Key of success is patience and hard work. So keep sharing your gigs on social media and to your friends. You can do following to rank your gig.

  1. Put nice title with your targeted keyword.
  2. Make sure keyword is in SEO URL too.
  3. Choose tags very carefully. Do visit your competitors and check how they used tags. You can get some help.
  4. Attractive GIG Image. They is the key point to stand out from many gigs.
  5. Try to stay online for maximum time.
  6. Don’t forget to bid daily on buyers requests.

I hope it will really help you New Tips to Increase Sales on Fiverr


Be happy!


Thank You so much for your advice.

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Thank you so much.Sure it will help me.

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