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I’m new to Fiverr. Can anyone review my profile and guide me?

Hello Fiverr! I am new to Fiverr. can anyone please have a look at my profile and guide me how to improve my Gig and getting more sales.


Apply buyer request regularly
Advertise your gig
Always be online

How to apply buyer request?

hello faryad, im new to fiverr too… :grinning:

Hi Sir,

Looking at your profile description I saw you have written you are a fasted data entry.
You may change that to data entry operator or whatever related.
Furthermore, keep applying to Buyer Requests for now in a polite way by presenting them a valid and efficient solution of their problem.
After you are successful in getting an order from a person, the next step is to keep the communication thorough and update them update the progress of their project on regular basis.

I have followed these steps throughout my fiverr career and Alhamdulellah I am satisfied with my progress.

Best of luck


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Hi carmennoel,

Looking at your profile, i found that your have given your gig a title “I will work fast and try hard to satisfy my customer”.
A gig title is the most important thing a client see when he is going through your profile of checking it in a category, and therefore it must clearly state what services you are offering.
Try to give a title that is catchy and seo friendly. For Seo check in the search tab some keywords that are related to the services you offer and try to make a gig title based upon those keywords.


We can help you improve your gig, but we cannot bring you more sales. YOU will have to work hard to earn those on your own. Fiverr is not an easy, get-rich-quick website.

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Thanks Myounas

   How to applying to  Buyer Request
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Use buyer request page constantly and deliver quality services always

For you some tips hope it will help. Click here

If you are honest to Fiverr, Fiverr Will help you to get sells.
You must maintain and obey Fiverr Rules

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ok you help me to improve my gig?

In the FAQ: How many revisions can I get on my task?

Your response is “Yes, I provide revisions according to need of customer/buyer.”

That doesn’t answer the question.

oh thank you so much myounas, i edited my gig title already… :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

then what is perfect answer of this question?

“Yes” does not answer “how many revisions.” You’re going to have to put the number of actual revisions in the answer to that question.:wink:

two three person suggestion me apply buyer request. but i do not know how to apply buyer request
can you help me.