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I,m not a robot problem

Many times I face this any problem in my account for this?

Are you using auto-refreshers to show you as online even when you’re not? That could be triggering the problem (and Fiverr doesn’t like it when users try to fake something).

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I had that happen recently and I don’t know why. I didn’t have to sign in.


I also have it from time to time, and it never goes away ( but that happens only from my phone browser)
One time I got really stubborn and decided to see how long I can be ticking traffic lights, buses etc, spent 10 min on that and decided that I’d rather come back later on to fiverr if they think that I’m a robot and doesn’t let me in even after ticking so many boxes.


It happens when you refresh Fiverr too frequently or when you are using “Auto Refresher”.

So avoid these 2 things and it will never happen.

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sometimes CAPTCHA gets so annoying… :hot_face: Sometimes I need to turn back, some the REFRESH button near CAPTCHA image makes captcha easier… So then I can easily get in…
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I’ve had this happen too