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I’m not getting any orders

I had made one gig one year back and I deleted that and made one fresh gig yesterday (1st January 2021) but still I’m not getting any orders . I had some hardship in home which I have to pay for .

Please can any tell me why I’m not getting any orders by checking out my gig . :confused:

My gig link

Thank you

Please, be patient. Best of luck.

I suggest waiting for more days. You can use video. The video will help you to reach your gig more.

Many people are new here. It’s normal to not have any orders (as do many others)… many factors come into play, the new year period (being one) and competition (Many other people can do what you do).

I suggest you for waiting more days and also active In Fiverr Forum. Also, you can share your GIG in this forum. Try to achieve Regular Badges in the Fiverr forum. After achieving this you get order Inshallah.

Thank you for the suggestion .It really means a lot to me .

How to get those Badges ?

Most probably 5h per day read time is mandatory for collecting this badges. You can read topics in regular basis then you got this badges.

Everybody saying that be patient. I say don’t wait for. First of all you do research on you niche. then only make a gig.

Getting “badges” by participating in the forum is NOT how you get orders. And, he already DID share his Gig - you do notice his link above?

There are a ton of “new” sellers here at Fiverr due to the pandemic. If you have made your Gigs in categories that have thousands of other sellers, this is why you are likely not getting any orders. Also, there is no guarantee you will get any orders, much less, orders on a consistent basis here.



Stop giving inane and bad advice. Hanging out and reading the forum for 5 hours a day will NOT get this guy orders. Where you do get your information from?

Also, I noticed YOU have only read the forum 3 hours… LOL



Sorry for that. genuineguidance


Thank you . its very helpful for me .

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