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I m not getting any work since i have joined.why?


There are many factors, Most probably your gig price is high… while I was visiting your gig fiverr recommended me a level 2 seller who is doing same thing in 10$ & he have 100 5* star reviews. so why buyer will go with your gig if someone else can do the same in just 10$?

secondly try to send 10 offers daily to buyer requests. Your career on fiverr will start from there. I’m new here as well created my first gig 2 weeks ago, sent offers to buyer requests & got my 1st order a week ago, till now I have completed 6 orders & crossed the 100$ mark.


As @awaisahmed489 has said, there are other sellers offering more for much less.

For example, when I clicked on one of your gigs Fiverr also recommended another seller who is offering up to one hour of finished edited video with unlimited revisions for $5. And the seller had very good feedback.

Regular readers of my posts will know that I strongly disapprove of $5 gigs as they are just not realistic in 2020. Let’s be honest, it must take at least two hours to edit one hour of video - which means the seller will be working for $2 per hour after commission.

I actually think that your pricing structure is fair. However, it’s difficult to win when you’re faced with sellers offering a similar service but charging so much less.


thanks buddy appreciate your reply i will re consider my prices .thanks alot

thank you for advise .i m reconsidering my prices