I m not getting much oders on my Gigs :(


Can anybody tell me , what is the best way to increase my oders ?


Promote your GIGs


Offer some free samples to get attention

Get your GIGs collected for potential increased exposure


Reply to @rossonomous: “Pray” - That was an awesome advice to get orders))


Reply to @rambo35: I try :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Same is happening to me, I have alot of gigs but no orders…


perfume? ducks and runs


Join the club… I’ve offered specials and freebies with zero takers.

I’m baffled.


Same here haha!


Reply to @rossonomous: Does it help?))


Reply to @rambo35: haha did for Forrest! was a movie though.



I checked your profile. Your rating is 50%.

Tell me how do you expect to get orders with 50% rating.

I suggest you to create a new account and start from the scratch.


Reply to @rambo35: God knows! (get the pun)


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