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I 'm on hiatus from 2014 and come back again now

Hi, guys, I have a question for those of you who have experienced and long in fiverr.
so, I made a fiverr account in 2014 and only made 1 gigs, but my gigs never got an order. then I went on hiatus 4 years, and just returned this month and made new gigs and updated old gigs more seriously and got my first order :). my question, is my 4 year hiatus account has an effect on order traffic? or I better delete my account and make a new one?



Order traffic? :question: Depends on your activities.

But fiverr changed in rapid fashion. I’d suggest read the TOS again and check


Thank you for your answer, I hope to get a “rising talent badge” if I qualify, but my account is an old account :sweat_smile: I hope that doesn’t have an effect.

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I haven’t heard fiverr giving that kind of badges, but you get levels, however, it really has no effect. Your time scale makes me feel like you are quite skilled.

Hope you make great number of sales

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You welcome back.
I wish you success in your fiverr business.


Thanks, I will try to be more active from now on :slight_smile:

Thanks, i wish you success too :+1:

Keep your current account and read up on what’s taken place as of late like @arafatjamil01 suggested. Try to stay competitive and positive.


I don’t see any reason to delete the account, Rather It will be beneficial in some way.


Okey thanks, i got my first order couple days ago dan got buyer request today :slight_smile: I think I started to get the track here.

thank you, yes I will stick with this account :grin:

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I AM BACK!!!:sunglasses:
Welcome… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil: