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I\'m probably losing sales -My profile keeps saying I am from Serbia (I AM NOT!)

I have never been to serbia. I don’t know anyone in serbia. I don’t speak serbian. NO one in my family or friends is from serbia.

I have been born and raised in THE UNITED STATES!

Fiverr claims this is set automatically. They say for some reason they “can’t” change it. That seems silly to me.

I don’t use proxy’s or anything funky. I live in the USA and sign in from the USA.

I know US buyers are extremely xenophobic. They will make assumptions if they think I am from serbia.

Anyone else have this problem. Anyone get fiverr to actually care enough to fix it?

I dunno, I’m in Greece and I don’t have any issues. I think you’re projecting your own feelings about furriners here.

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My Fiverr profile is projecting a foreigner onto me! I am not from Serbia. How would you feel if your profile said you were from Germany?

Hey, I am from Serbia… Are you implying there is something wrong with us?

I wouldn’t care. Why would I care? My profile tells you where I’m from anyway.

It’s more likely that you’re losing sales because your overall rating is 84%.

Why let facts cloud this discussion?

Whaaat?! So he is the one that gives Serbia a bad name… Could Fiverr, please, change this person’s place of living…

No, i am implying I AM NOT FROM THERE

easy to troll when its not your problem…no?

I don’t think he is attacking you. You are taking this the wrong way. A lot of clients are very specific and only look for sellers from certain countries. This is what he meant by “potentially losing sales” .

Yeah, I know… But this is something he should work out with CS.

And all this rant about USA residents being xenophobic. I am working in pre-press production for more then 10 years, at least half of my customers are from USA. As for quality of Serbian designers, look at Human Rights logo created by Predrag Stakic.

THank you! At no point have I attacked anyone from anywhere (yet it seems they are attacking me for no reason). I never mentioned anything about the quality of serbian designers. How long you have been in prepress has nothing to do with anything. I was doing prepress AND owned an actual printing company in the late 80s up to 2008. So if we are going to go by experience…well…

My point is:

Here in the USA people PREFER workers in the USA. That is a fact. I didn’t make it that way. If you are not from here, you might not understand. US buyers (who are my primary buyers) DO INDEED look at the country of origin of a provider before considering buying. You may not like it, but it is the truth.

I don’t care which INCORRECT country it says I am from…it is incorrect, period. I just want it to be true. Thats it.

If that offends you, why even bother on this thread?

Noone said anything bad about sellers from Serbia. There are so many fantastic talented sellers here from around the world.
He was just asking if anyone else had the same problem since he did bring it to CS… Don’t take this the wrong way.

Jeez, just email CS with a logical reason to change your TZ to the US if it’s bothering you so much. I believe Serbia is on the same time zone as me (GMT+2), which means most of the US is some ~10 hours behind us. This is bad for your business because etc and blah. It’s more likely to have an effect than complaining seeming to be in Serbia and worried about losing xenophobic custom (a good thing, in my book–who wants to help an insular racist?)

There’s little reason to bring in who prefers what when ordering. So some people prefer some kinds of people. Big deal–and they’re being silly, because…

…there are thousands of non-Americans posing as Americans on this site, so it’s all academic to the point of inanity anyway.

Turn it into a positive! Become an exotic, well traveled American living in Serbia or something. At least 50% of this website lies–why not join them?

Go ahead, call it a troll, I don’t really care. But it’s not as half as big an issue as you seem to think it is.

I didn’t notice any xenophobia in dealing with Americans. But I don’t see how ranting on Fiverr FAQ can help you change location. And I was joking, sorry if that offended you…

Yes, you are trolling. Because I clearly said I asked CS about it who said they had no way of changing it. I was asking if anyone else had this problem and got it resolved…now can you explain why you typed so much on this thread that is not such a big deal?

oh way – you just encourged me to LIE because half the people here do…i don’t know, a thing called — INTEGRITY…clearly you are not familiar with it.

you don’t live here, so you wouldn’t notice it.

this was not a rant, i specifically asked if anyone else had this problem and maybe got it resolved…you sir are the one who began ranting.

I’ve given you a resolution, now you’re getting cross about my supposed lack of integrity… nice.

I always type a lot, it seems to be a writer’s curse, and I do love a controversial thread with pointless debates. It’s not a big deal.

And to answer to your comment to slaven just below this, you started the rant. If you had wanted neutral help, you could have simply asked what solutions there were to Fiverr glitching up or whatever and listing you in the wrong country.

It’s always a sad argument when it’s reduced to “u trole” and attacks on someone you don’t know from Adam’s integrity. lol.