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I´m so tired


sometimes people think that for a few $ 5 may require us hours and hours of work. They want to work out more than $ 100 for just $ 5


If you’re working for hours over $5 (or $3.98–pre tax!) then it’s time to revise your gigs. Your tiredness is your body telling you that enough is enough. I see that you speak Spanish and Portuguese, too–why not offer a (short) translation gig in addition to your graphic design? Whatever you do, don’t sell yourself short :slight_smile:


smart answer =D> emmaki


Don’t work like this… nothing good will come out of it, you will hate this all.
Raise the price, increase delivery time to a level that would be comfortable to you.
I’ve been working for 18 hours a day at my regular job during business hours and on gigs here in the evenings and holidays. I realized that it is much better to do a single gig for 50$ then 10 gigs for 5 … those 5 will maybe easier, but overall they will consume much more time.
I stopped accepting cheap orders like this, since we are humans and have limited capacity… we should use it correctly.


Just worked 7 hours on an Android app for 15 $. At the end of the day buyer put more and more new feature assingments into it. I delivered and buyer cancelled the order having got the up and running app. Really disappointing experience…


@esodot with anything like an app you really should embed a digital watermark of a trademarked logo, or even better yet a personal watermark in the code, if they’re not smart enough they won’t find it, so if for some reason you had to take them to court to prove you designed it, it would hopefully still be their somewhere.Then once the $ has cleared you can unlock/delete it for them, might take 7-14 days to clear but if they really want it, they will wait and accept those terms of service, you should probably state something like that on your profile page, maybe not the hidden watermark though, that’s your proof! :slight_smile:


Yeah don’t quit just because a few customers get you down, so far I’ve had 2/3 that have been awesome to deal with and I’m buzzing that I’ve had ANY gigs bought in a week and a bit! The other customer got ahead of themselves I do believe and hit the gig twice by accident (well so they said) which is fair enough but what annoyed me about that gig was they didn’t send me the source material to actually do the gig, I sent 3 or 4 msgs asking them to send it or I’m cancelling the gig, eventually they did but only after I went to bed and I only had 8hrs to complete it, which was annoying but it didn’t really matter anyway because the gig couldn’t be done (removing vocals from a track), as much as I tried, I just degraded the instruments to the point it was useless anyway enough of me babbling on, keep your head up and don’t let them bring you down! :slight_smile:


I truly understand… But don’t lose the hope as

  1. It happens in the initial phase due to the huge competition
  2. Try to learn the marketing strategies of business like Mc Donald’s chain. They quote the lowest and gradually charge unlimited with the Add-ons.
    If you want any help regarding understanding the Business strategy, I will be more than willing to help you…


never give up dear the GOD IS ALWAYS WITH Y


some kind of problem happen in any human life but the exact duration will not be foever so take it easy u can read other gigs and particpate into the fiveer forums and promote ur gigs in the social media profile i think u will get a more sales


Thank you very much. Its very good feeling to hear all those words. Its not very hard for me to do programming for hours, because i love it. But thats really true, its not easy to pick a buyer who wants to achieve something with me, not just to save money :slight_smile:


The problem isn’t $5 (well, as@emmaki quoted pre-tax $3.98, which is the real figure), the problem is how much time you spend on one gig. Look, everyone works out from $5. So if you REALLY want to be successful, make sure that a $5 gig DOES NOT cost you more than 15 minutes! Yup! That is the essence. I am a writer. I know I can easily write 400 high quality words within 15 to 20 minutes that pass copyscape. For someone such as a voice actor, he knows a $5 gig would need around 15 to 20 minutes to record, edit and deliver up to a 1 minute voiceover. So imagine like having 10 orders a day and you take MAX 3 hours to deliver. That is like $40 a day and $1200 a month! Not bad for someone residing in Pakistan!


you are right mate. But then again, logo designers that are expert can come up with a logo for $5 within just 30 minutes. it is the upselling where they say to be more creative etc. buy more gigs. i do not see anyone with a level two status or featured or even a top rated seller really working for just a gig? I see them having their average prices for each order no less than 2 gigs! and you can earn like $100 a month easily if you are featured or top rated seller.


All I’m saying is if you feel like you’re wasting your time for $5 then why bother? Do something else, that doesn’t take up your precious time and where you can make more $. I have no problem spending an a few hours on something for $5, if I have the time, for the most part I’m, lucky in the fact that I can load something up and let it convert or upload for a few hrs, watch some TV and come back to finish it, the only really time consuming gigs I have are finding things and audio & video restoration ( gigs I haven’t actually advertised yet, WIP) gigs I’ve applied for in the Buyers Requests market, other than that it’s all sweet and I’m enjoying it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @esodot: It is a pity that the gig got cancelled once the work was completed and you got it up and running. I suggest that you gather all the evidence and contact Fiverr Customer Services, they may help.

Good Luck


Reply to @primitus:
Thanks a lot, will try that :slight_smile:


Reply to @r3k0d3d:
Thank you very much! It is a learning process to me. I will also not provide the source code until its clear that the customer won’t put more and more assignments to it. That kind of development would be charged by min. 300 $ in the “real world”.
Anyway i’m not losing my motivation :slight_smile:


Reply to @r3k0d3d: I enjoy reading your posts tbh, haha. They really do a lot of substance to the forum. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Reply to @esodot: if you spent 7hour/ 15$, you need to tell buyer that can’t do and if want to cont, need more $


Reply to @theratypist: Thanx m8, I can’t help myself sometimes, I’m a pretty social person both in virtual and actual reality, a self confessed blabber mouth, all my friends and family will confirm this and I wouldn’t be surprised if the mods start getting annoyed with me as well at some point but I really just like conversing with and helping ppl, so I will try my hardest to help others in here, even if I do on the odd occasion seem to attract trolls with nothing better to do, ala one of my first posts in here but that’s water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have time for internet beefs, I’d much rather concentrate on helping others and getting paid for it doesn’t hurt either! :slight_smile: