I\'m supposed to be studying for finals


But I’m on Fiverr forums instead
How are your gigs doing? Fiverr’s been going through alot of stuff in the recent months. Anything you’ve noticed that you feel has affected your gigs?
I feel the traffic isn’t as big as it used to be, but it’s probably just because of the holidays.


I just joined last night, but I’m getting a tiny amount of traffic. Just finished with finals! Woo!


As a postgrad in diplomacy ffs shut up



Getting ready for university… :smiley:


Traffic has definitely been down for me over the last month or so, but still paying my bills, so I’m not complaining. This place is still pretty great, as far as I’m concerned. Excited about the coming year on here! :slight_smile:


I used to get a few orders a week, over 1.2k impressions, but it all went downhill not so long ago and barely get an order a month and ~500 impressions, it’s sad. I don’t know what they did but it hit me pretty hard.


Can I just express my contempt for liberal arts education here? Get a STEM degree kids. (Note to Miss Emma before she starts shooting at me…99.9% Indians have contempt for liberal arts education)


Or at least try to, like I did, or rather didn’t :slight_smile:


Diplomacy? You?


Since the thread includes a recommendation against a liberal arts education (and writer’s recommendation has merit IMHO) I’m going to throw in my opposing view. Depending on what kind of life you have, what you expect to do in the future and how tied you are to things like fame, great fortune or power - liberal arts degrees have their uses.

I went to undergrad school and changed my major many times. I had a partner who made enough to pay bills. I could work part time to pay for school. I explored all my interests on both sides, switching from Biology to Forensics, on to Psychology and Horse Training, then to Teaching. I didn’t get a degree in any of those. I ended up with a BA in English with no teaching cert and no job prospect. I did half my Master’s degree but walked out.

In the long run I would have been more financially comfortable at times with a different degree, but the piece of paper counted more than the type of degree in my case. IT jobs were plentiful (per-recession) and since computers were my hobby, I landed jobs in IT for many years and did OK. Now I get to do a little of both in my varied entrepreneurial affairs.

Given my experiences, if you need fortune, fame or power (especially fast) and your heart isn’t set on anything else, take the advice to stay out of liberal arts. If your inner calling tells you otherwise, go for it. You can always get more degrees, and ignore what contempt people have. :slight_smile: @psychicbunny - Good luck on studies! Fiverr is slow for me, probably due to the change and the season.

(Just a post for fun - not an anti-@writer99025 post)


Why are you assuming @psychicbunny has a liberal arts degree…she may be graduating in biology or chemistry for all you know.


I had various courses in college from various fields.
I graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. I felt lucky to be at a college that allowed us to choose from so many fields to complete our degree.

Then I went to New Orleans to become a witch-- officially. I have always been one unofficially.
I am now studying anthropology.


An MA with honors, believe it or not, political analysis being one of my secondary areas of study. The greater focus was IR, as my profile suggests (yet it’s too shitty to let me write the actual name of the course, thanks for another poorly-implemented feature that’s wide open to abuse from idiots)

It’s not all shakey-shakey hands, ya know. Actually, that’s just BS for the plebs to think everything’s OK. But I digress, as nobody is particularly interested in the horror that is reality.

It’s nice to see that you–and according toyou, 99.9% of your countrymen–have contempt for the arts. Actually, no it’s not, but who cares. You are all wrong, yet I have to agree that tertiary education is fast failing, and it has very little to do with the students and everything to do with a system that is corrupt from the inside out.

As it is, anyone who is studying for finals should be doing just that, not twittering and twattering about getting $5 or whatever off Fiverr. Because the system demands that you have those bits of paper. Alternatively, why not try getting an academic thesis written by one of writer’s countrymen, and realize why his nation has ‘contempt’ for the arts degrees–and then remember that writer also celebrates bronze tax certificates and has a weird crush on his prime minister, and lives with a bunch of servants to carry out his every whim.

Your contempt is noted, along with the ongoing situation is Kashmir that you support and celebrate. Thanks, but I’ll support the arts. The world needs more free-thinkers, not STEM-robots to worship at the alter of $$$$, which is the only reason that British kids go to uni these days anyway. Shame that 50% already are, which invalidates–and reveals–the British govt’s lie, and colluded with by the obscene hike in fees which has taken the British model from free tertiary education to $12k a year (not including cost of living) in two decades.

Quite frankly, who gives a shit. And yes, I am a diplomat when it need be. This is not one of those times.


Ah, so you have no degree at all but feel OK with taking pot-shots at those who have them.

Says it all, really. Stick to telling these finalists to shut up and get back to their studies (not that they will matter in the long run).


I actually have a BCA - a Bachelor of Computer Applications, a 3-year degree that I did from the Bangalore University from the top Science college in Bangalore. I got it in my late 20s, willing myself to go to college even when my classmates were 6-7 years younger than me. I don’t attach much importance to it and don’t talk about it because I dropped out of one of the best engineering colleges India at 21. I did the BCA only half-heartedly, only to please my mom. So yes, I do have a degree and scored 82 percent at that, not that I care. I worked as an ERP consultant at IBM (SAP-ABAP programmer) for a couple of years after that, before I took up freelancing. IBM sacked about 30,000 people in India during that time and I was found surplus to requirement.


“has a weird crush on his prime minister”

You have a perverted mind.


Naw man, I was talking about your fanboyism! After all, Modi loves his smart suits with his name on them. Who could resist such a dapper gentleman?


Eh, fair enough.

IBM financed the Nazis, you know. Using the power of logical fallacy… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, how to make people see and know my gigs? Thanks


rolls eyes