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I’m TRS should I switch to Pro?

I’m currently a TRS and I’m thinking of switching to Pro ( assuming I’m accepted) but I’m afraid I’ll lose business. Currently I make a good living off my gigs but of course I would love more at a higher price. What are the risks and gains I would get by switching? Do I lose my currently gig pages and reviews?

I’m not sure you lose TRS status just because you become a PRO, that’s a great question for CS.

Personally, I think you should apply to PRO, those people charge a lot more money, although I don’t know if they get a lot more orders. I see your bottom price is $10 on two gigs, for a PRO seller, his bottom price might be $50 or $100.

The other advantage of being PRO is that your competition might be very few people, maybe no one in some cases.