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I m unable to withdraw my earning

I have total $140 in my account but when i go to withdraw my earning. i see here paypal button is disabled. I m unable to withdraw my earning.

contact Fiverr customer support, they are really helpful


Reply to @itsharpreet: yes, it does happen from time to time, a buyer will open some kind of dispute with paypal or their credit card or however they paid.

ANd is the money in your account the same amount as the order?

Can fiverr refund to buyer after 14days order completetion?

Did you actually add your paypal account in the settings ?

Yeah but its disbaled by fiverr because one buyer after order completation or also he give me positive review for his work. now he wanted all money refund. thats reason.

why did you black out the amounts. Telling from the screenshot, we don’t know if you even have available funds to withdraw. Mines is greyed out also, because I have no available funds at the moment. The money has to clear first.

HOw long has it been since you completed the job? HAs it been at least 14 days?

And have you made withdrawls with paypal before?

Yes i made withdrawls before with paypal 2 times.

Reply to @itsharpreet: If there is a refund pending then you may not be able to get that money. The refunds get taken out of your account. Do you have more money in your account above the cancelled order amount?