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I’m very confused on how to get people to buy my gig?


I’m very confused on how to get people to buy my gig?

I’m new to 19, and I can’t get any buyer now, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably won’t be in the future either - or am I wrong?

I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start business on 19, because I did spend quite a lot of time on creating my gig, is it not unique enough, or what is it that I’ve done wrong?

My gig description is here in the gig I has “not add any video” and “relevant pdf document” but add image what can I do to the client who give me an order.

I can promise that I can perform all task listed in my gigs.

I have 6 gigs on editing an image for personal as well as professional like for website an so on

Is it necessary to have following things to get order on fiverr like:-

  • You tube channel
  • Effective Facebook page with more traffic
  • Need to promote on twitter and how,
  • Is lead generation work.
  • Is need to be paid membership on fiverr
  • No website

I request for serious suggestion only.


HI, too many seller do the same service as you, so it’s very hard to get order if you just work similar gigs as many other seller …


i agree with you but in one at least there must have one order.

No one is guaranteed even one sale.

Read my other posts. You say you want advice but haven’t read the thousands of posts of advice on this. We shouldn’t have to repeat ourselves over and over again.

You also need to research how sales works.


You could check your gigs. eg. whether they’re clear enough.

eg. you’ve got 2 gigs with the title “I will do image color pup up and retouching”. Maybe change the “pup up” bit if it’s not right.

But you should only have 1 gig for one service. You’ve also got 2 gigs for background removal - it might be okay if they’re different enough - if they’re providing different types of background removal but not otherwise.

But if they’re not coming to your gig directly and you want orders you could try sending offers to requests in the buyer requests page.

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