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I’m waiting for my first order in Fiverr

Hi there!
Hope you are doing well by the grace almighty.
I have created 5 gigs on Fiverr. But I’m not getting any response.

Here is my one gig:

Please provide me some ideas how can I Improve my gigs? How can I rank my gigs and get first order.
I’m also new here, So please give me your best opinion. Thank you so much.


You shear your gig all social media site and everyday 10 buyer request send


share your gig on various social media everyday and best wishes for you.


How does the above 2 responses really help this guy? Most times when I see someone actually share the link to their Gig, you just get the same “share your Gig on social media” or “be patient” etc advice. The people never actually give constructive criticism about what is IN the person’s Gig.

First off, is Lead Generation even an allowed Gig here? Others can chime in, but, if memory serves me right, I think this is one of those things Fiverr does not allow.

Either way, IF this type of Gig is OK here, you have 100% Satisfaction in your Gig image. So, if you do a job for someone and say they don’t like the leads you provided, they have every right to cancel and affect not only your income but analytics here. This type of “promise” is something scammers love to look for because they know they can use it as a loophole in order to say they were NOT 100% satisfied!

You also have within your Gig the dreaded “Money Back Guarantee”. Again, this works like your 100% Satisfaction. Yes, I am sure you would like to think this will make buyers trust you, but, it tends to bring out the worst in some.

There are also many grammatical errors in your Gig - it is apparent your native tongue is not English. This may or may not be an issue, given you are not offering a service in say, proofreading or writing a blog post in English, but, it can turn off some buyers. This is because they may feel there will be issues communicating with you where you may have a problem fully understanding what they want.

Again, I think data scraping on Linked In seems to be against some terms of service… not sure you can have this Gig here.

You also do the next bad thing where you offer 24 hour service. Are you doing this ALONE or do you have a team of people working all different shifts? You mention, “Why you should work with me”, which leads me to believe it is not a team. If you are doing this Gig yourself and do not have a team, it is impossible to be available 24/7. Always open also makes you look pretty desperate as well.

Your next bad idea is offering Unlimited Revisions on all of your packages. While this may seem to you as a way to get your “foot in the door” and have buyers pick you, it also will create a nightmare. Unlimited revisions is just that: UNLIMITED - NEVER ENDING. So, you could end up with a buyer who comes back months later and says, “Hey, redo that thing you did” and you would HAVE TO do it because, well, you promise not only unlimited revisions, but, 100% satisfaction and a money back guarantee. Also, by having unlimited revisions, buyers could have you revising the original order over and over and over - or even asking for things outside of what the Gig package offers. Unlimited revisions also makes you look as though you already know you may not get it right the first time. It does not bode well when it comes to you looking confident in your skills.

Those are just some things I see that can get you into hot water and why you are not getting any sales here. Add to that, I am not sure your Gig is allowed anyways. I am sure someone else can comment on that.

But, people, THIS is what someone wants when they put a post in “Improve My Gig”. They are not looking for the same chewed up and spit out generic advice that means absolutely NOTHING. It addresses nothing about their Gig or what they offer. If you want to say, “do social media sharing” - back that up with WHERE, WHY and HOW you do this and also explain how it worked for you. If you are just plastering your link all over FB groups or on your own personal FB or Twitter etc timeline, that will NOT generate you much in sales here.


I predict that 99% of the posts after this one will be full of the same drivel and no real insight. Watch.


Welcome Fiverr community forum

Hope you we will get response. For you needs Active on Fiverr.
Don’t shearing your gig in forum. And Shearing your gig Social media.
Upgrade your skill.
Thanks! @wdshahdat_20

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Thanks! GG
Following her instruction.

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Focus On Low Competition Niche Try To Find That Keywords Which Have Less Competition. Find that keywords which related to your service. And try to active on fiverr at least 12-14 hours. And Check other’s gig description so you can understand what mistake you ate doing.


i will share 10 buyer request everyday but don’t share gig…okay thank you :blush:

okay… thank you…

okay…thank you…

yeah okay…

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thank you so much for your instruction :relaxed:

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Stay more active in fiverr and make gig better


Fiverr does not allow the service you are offering.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Check this out:

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All the best…

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All the very best…


keep your profile online .

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thanks all…

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