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I made $4 from a $100 order somehow

I think it rounds up the number on either the desktop version or the mobile version. Because I’m 46 cents short this month on one or the other. Comparing to $76, I’m not even bothered at this point. I probably should be.



It could have added a cent at least instead of removing it.
I’m glad it’s only a cent but still it’s peculiar.

I often send offers for $79 and it shows it as $79. No reason to remove a cent from the total this time.

Is it just me thinking this or fiverr has more and more issues lately these days?
Today on my profile it showed pro seller badge and I am not and after a while it disapeared


:rofl: Fiverr is testing something with your account…


congrats… i am a new comer

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Thank you! I can’t believe I got so lucky with this one.