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I made $510 in less than 3 months! (From 1st order to today)


This is my 3rd month on Fiverr from the day I made my first sale, and it was an amazing journey! First of all, I want to thank the Fiverr community, all the buyers and sellers and customer support for their hardwork. This is an amazing platform!

I am a 3rd year college student and I’ve been doing Fiverr, part time, for 3 months. I enjoy the work that I do and I love it. From writing epic custom love songs for people who need a song for their loved ones, to singing epic song parodies and playing guitar instrumentals. I love every minute of it and I get excited every time I sit down and work.

$510 in 3 months may look small compared to other people but in my country, its already a salary of someone who works 10 hours a day for a month, this is big money here and the fact that I’m doing this part time and I love it plays a big role in my fulfillment.

Keep rocking Fiverr community! Thanks for all the help, especially customer support!

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congratulation for your first oder


Hello! Thank you for congratulating me! Have a good day!!!


sir, I am a new seller, i have not anyone order in my Gig,
so, sir you are experienced seller any advise with me
i hope you reply me


Congratulations and welcome to both of you guys.

Glad to have you as our part of community


Thank you!! Really appreciate it :slight_smile: glad to have you as a part of our
awesome community as well. :slight_smile:


Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, I have some good tips for you.

  1. So remember, it might take 1-2 months before someone orders your gigs,
    thats how long it took mine.
  2. Make use of buyer requests
  3. Put a good picture of yourself on the profile
  4. Put a gig video, this really helps
  5. Have a really good fiverr description about yourself :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!!


Thank you so so so much


great dreamer man at fiverr market place.


congragulations to you and all the best for future too


Congrats! Good wishes. :slight_smile:


Good work keep it Up


Thank you very much my friend!! :slight_smile:


Thank you my friend! Lets keep the community alive! :slight_smile:


A great achievement made by you, weldone.


Hello! Thank you for welcoming us! Lets all do our best! :slight_smile:


Thank you man!! :slight_smile: really appreciate the comment :))


Hi thank you! :slight_smile: and best wishes for the future also! have a good day!


Hello! Thank you and good wishes too! Good luck to our careers! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! Really appreciate it! Have a great day! :slight_smile: