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I made a gig I haven't seen advertised yet, check it out. :)

I am a writer, and I offer a new service where I will review your website or program with my screen recording software.

Here are the links to my various services, check them out.


Short Stories:

(NEW) Video Reviews (NEW):


If you have a special request, I do those too. You name it, and I think I can do it. Drop me a message if you are interested or have questions.

Reply to @regency85: I think I will change the extras when you put it that way. I might just have extra fast for now.

SEO was not the reason for that. It is a spin on “I will write 500 words” I write over sometimes, but this just says it will be at least 500 words. That’s fair if not a little too much. I think the whole monopoly of fiverr has made the written word under appreciated, but that’s another thread altogether.

As for regulars, I have k for sure. He is the reason I have stuck with fiverr, for sure.

I also have “Sch…” I guess you know who that is. They are starting to become a really good buyer. I have had an article for them every day since they contacted me. I feel like I will have them for a while if I keep giving them good content. I consider him proven.

As for odd buyers, I have no idea where they come from. I have searched my gigs and come up blank. They didn’t start coming to me till I had about 20 positive reviews. I would like to think they saw my forum posts, but you can never tell.

Reply to @bigmish: 30 days!??

If that means you still have another 30 days to get 10 gigs - you should get that from your Regular Buyer, plus your “problem” Buyer - alone!


  1. Speaking of your Regular Buyer for the 750 (now 500+) writing gig… As I understand it, he’s buying SEO content, correct?

  2. As for your new gig, title looks ok. I’m more concerned about the description.

    After reading it… I know WHAT you intend to do for me (the “prospective” buyer), but I don’t know WHY I should be interested in buying this…??

Hey Mish…

Do I detect a hint of “desperation” in this post? :wink:

As I recall, to obtain Level 2, you need to have “50 sales in 60 days” (or something like that).

The point being, there’s a “deadline” (unlike Level 1).

Is the hint I detect, due to that deadline approaching for you??

Reply to @regency85: Oh gosh no! I’ve only been a member 30 days. I got the level 1 message today in fact. I still have a full month before the deadline ends. I’m not worried, I just haven’t advertised for a while on the forums, and decided to shake it up a bit. Plus I do have that new gig, and it is my first gig to not be about writing. Do you think I should change the title?

Reply to @regency85: Yeah, I will have the sales, but I still wouldn’t mind getting more regulars ; )

Also, it’s good to know people actually read the posts! I always assume no comments means no one reads them, just looks and leaves. Your one of the good ones!

  1. The 750 words was out the window before I made my first sale, thanks to people on the forum. It’s finally starting to look like an official gig! He buys basically anything and everything. He ordered an article, then after that we have an arrangement where I do odd jobs, really. I’m really lucky he found me!

  2. Well, I created the gig after I mentioned it being something a buyer could do to get more hits. I don’t buy or download any games or programs without watching a video review. If I’m going to invest the time downloading it or the money using it, I want to know what I’m getting. Now that I am finished typing this, it occurred to me that you have already thought of all this, and the question was rhetorical, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles : )

Reply to @bigmish: I’ll only respond to #2 - here.

Not rhetorical at all. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking maybe you should copy&paste what you wrote here, into your new gig’s description - as follows:

This Gig is work that you dear reader - should have performed on your game/software - so it will get more hits!

Personally, I don’t buy or download any games or software, without watching a video review first. If I’m going to invest the time downloading it or the money using it, I want to know what I’m getting. And most buyers do the same!

Reply to @regency85: Thanks for the fresh perspective! I’m trying to update my gigs now that I’m lvl 1, and I think this new description is just the bee’s knees.



Reply to @bigmish: So once again, I am YOUR writer.



Which reminds me… I didn’t see you replace your Profile with my “Rhyming Tagline”.

:wink: :wink:

Reply to @regency85: Hey guy, your second to last paragraph was a bit rude. It was basically “How could you have not done this? Are you dense?” Quite sassy. :wink:

I did put in the last paragraph though. I had a message when I went back to my page, and one thing led to another, and now I might have another regular, so there’s that, but I just now put it in. check it out.

Also, I noticed I get bumped every time we have a back-and-forth, so say something interesting in response to this. :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigmish: Sassy - yup, that’s me. :smiley:

  1. Sure, feel free to adapt my recommendations to your particular needs.

  2. Bump? Yeah, that’s standard. Every time a comment is added, the thread jumps up to the top of the “queue”.

  3. I re-read… Hey! I like the bolding. :slight_smile:

    You should use that (rather than italics - which are hard to read) for this phrase, on your primary gig:

    "minimum of 500 words"

    Adding that to your gig description, was a VERY smart move.

    And I assume you added that, due to SEO writing…??

  4. Ok, now the problem. I forgot to mention this:

    500 words for $5

    600 words for $10

    700 words for $15

    Bad Extra’s methodology! :frowning:

    There are HUNDREDS of “I will write for $5” competitors of yours, who do something like:

    500 words for $5

    1000 words for $10

    1500 words for $15

    And some of them even do:

    2000 words for $15.

    (In other words, save money on Tide Detergent, when you buy the BULK size.)


  5. Is “dch…” your new potentially-regular buyer?
  1. I just need to get creative with my gig extras. I have someone who is having me do articles on Italian furniture. I don’t find it dull, but it isn’t my favorite either. 500 or so seems to be my limit unless given extra incentive, and I don’t think that’s too bad, myself.

  2. How did you know? I also have “sch…” and “k…”, but they are my only regulars at the moment.

    But really, how did you know? You must be really plugged in, I’m impressed. Do you know if they are good customers? they left a message saying they would order more in the future, and they gave it a positive review, but I’ve heard that before.

    You might be the Godfather of Fiverr, just sayin, :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigmish:

> You might be the Godfather of Fiverr…

Shhhh… let’s keep that, “our secret”.



I would still recommend you change those Extras. 500 for $5, then $5 for every 100 more - might make some buyers suspect your motives… and you lose sales!


And I’ll assume then, that SEO was NOT the reason you specified the 500 MINIMUM…?

As for the “regulars”, yes, many buyers say: “Great, I will buy again”… then never do.

Not malicious on their part - it’s just part of Fiverr.

So “k” is your only PROVEN regular - is that what you’re saying??

Reply to @bigmish: If you communicate with your buyers, about things related to delivering their gig better for instance…

…then there’s no reason you can’t say: Hey! By the way, how’d you find me?


Reply to @regency85: Easier said than done, my friend. Often times they ignore those types of questions.

Anyway, I wanted to ask, what do you buy on fiverr? you mentioned a few people you know, and I haven’t seen them on the forums so assume you worked with them…That draws even more blanks!

Reply to @bigmish: Oh sure… most will ignore ANYTHING you do. :frowning:

But my point is, it doesn’t hurt to ask. :wink:

As for your questions: Are you “around” this weekend?

(I’m up to my ears in work - so every weekend is a “working weekend” for me, so far this Spring/Summer. But I’ve noticed that the Forum dies over the weekend - so most Sellers must be “vanishing” from Fiverr on the weekend. Which is why I’m asking you, in particular.)

Reply to @regency85: I’ve got two (working out the third as I type) orders this weekend, a theater meeting, and a comic script for elance, so I’m gonna be busy too!

I’ll be around, but probably only once or twice :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigmish: Busy indeed! :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll PM you over the weekend, when I get a “chance to breathe”. :wink:

Just check your Fiverr Inbox occasionally…

Reply to @regency85: Sounds good! I usually check my inbox and surf imgur when I get writer’s block, so that’s the best way to reach me for sure. :slight_smile:

Reply to @regency85: Oh, and I got the order, plus he ordered an extra! He also said he found me through the search and picked me because I offer a minimum of 500 and I responded first. I kinda wanted “sparkling reviews” to be in there too, but hey, I’ll take it. :slight_smile: