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I made a mistake and wanna fix it

Hello forum,

I’m new seller here, and after two months i got obe buyer (thank God). After i do what my buyer wants, they’d go with another client, because my work is to complex for their needs (i guess). But buyer want to appreciate me by buying my draft for my 5$, which is okay for me as a newby. And giving me a 5 star rate.

But, I’m doing the opposite. I give the buyer 4 star, because in my faith is perfection isbbelong to God. I know, it can be wrong, and I wanna fix it by doing re-rating as a 5 star. Can we do to re-rating? What should I do for that? And of it can’t, what you think about what I’m doing?

Thank you


I respectfully disagree.

If he didn’t have a good experience with a buyer, no need to lie about it by giving them 5-stars. We should be honest how we feel. Otherwise, the buyer will never know that he made mistakes with us. If you provided an excellent service, he will return. Giving them 5-star rating won’t effect their return.

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If you rate on behalf of above then no need to re rate your buyer or editing in review.
It is also not possible by Fiverr system. Stay happy with what you did. buyer will come if you provide valuable service, there is no doubt.

It used to be possible to change your review for about 8 years or so. But when they changed it a couple of years ago-ish, it’s no longer possible and even mentioning the word review gets your message flagged usually. So humans can’t make mistakes according to Fiverr TOS. And you also need to get used to perfection, as anything but perfect performance is not accepted, as you can lose levels otherwise.

For example, you need 4.8 average rating to not lose a level, but a buyer can’t give you 4.8 rating. Only 5.0 which is perfection, or 4.7 after that, which is not enough to keep your level, despite still being close to perfect. :roll_eyes:

Edit: Nevermind. It seems the requirement was changed to 4.7 at some point, or I just remembered incorrectly.

This is a first - a buyer wanting to upgrade their review of a seller!

In short, no you can’t.

So long as your review was honestly held at the time of writing it, then it is morally fine in my opinion.

And as @adsensewizard has said, the forum is full of posts (if you search) from people who asked about changing reviews - and they were hit with an account warning.

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