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I made a modification, then my concert went to the last page of the marketplace

Hello everyone,

I hope I can find a solution here, because fiverr always say the same things, I’m a seller and I know fiverr since 2013 and I know this problem but I don’t know how to fix it, I realized that when we make a change, our gig disappears from the search for a 15 minutes like that, then it comes back to the same place, sometimes it comes back, but it comes back to the last page and the last line of the marketplace, but just after one or two days, it comes back to its real place, since for more than 2 months now, I made a modification and then my gig went to the last page but it hasn’t come back to the right place yet, just before the modification I make more than +10000 impressions, more than 200 clicks per day, and just after the modification I start to make 50 impressions and 1 or 2 clicks and sometimes no clicks

Please don’t tell me the same things that fiverr said every time, that the algorithm works like that and something like that, I know how the fiverr algorithm works, what’s happening to me is not normal, I know that I have a problem on my gig

Even when I make Minimalist logo==> local seller (France)==>best seller, I end up at the last page and the last line.

I understand that the “Relevance” filter can be different and change according to many algorithms, but the “Best seller” filter is based on the number of orders and the rating you have.

I hope I can find a solution here

This is my gig:

Thank you for taking the time to read my problem.

Best regards,


I’m also meeting that problem. it’s hopeless


davediy Welcome to the club


I swear it’s a problem and fiverr support don’t want to talk about it, every time I talk to them, they send me the same message, we’re the sellers here and we’ve made a lot of changes, we have fallen on a lot of the problems until now we know all the problems, for them, they only know their job and they don’t try to solve the problem. Before, they make a refresh to your account to resolve the problems that you have on your account, now they said that is not possible.

another problem I have, if I delete my images and download them again, they refuse my gig and send me a message saying that the images are not mine, since I have already sent them all the source files, and they have already reactivated my gig, but by the time I change the images, I have to contact them to react my gig again everytime (they said that the system that block them) why not just save the data images for each account?


Yes, I see, it’s very disappointing

@davediy you are right. I am also facing the same issue. I also contact customer support but they say to share your gigs on social media I also did but the gig still drank. For the last 2, months my gigs are on the last pages.


and reviews, and secret reviews.

Your GIG has a lot of 1*, and by clients that are all willing to spend more then 10 minutes writing detailed explanation of what happened suggesting they will also do everything else available (like also typing in negative anonymous review that Fiverr is asking them) so I am guessing this hurts your visibility for the algorithm.
I find your gig under France sellers, in the second page middle (so not last but almost).

What surprises me that you did not respond to give your side of the story to any of the 1* review. And I just found you replied to 4.3 review as why did you get 4.3, which is even more puzzling.

Especially to the guy who claims he ordered premium package and you only send him JPG file.

Negative reviews can not be removed so every seller should use feedback to the review to share his side of the story for future sellers.


For me two, and fiverr do not want to talk about that

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Yes, but the best sellers are based on the rating (the reviews, and even the secret reviews); in general, it’s the rating of your gig, it’s not possible for someone to have +1K reviews with 4.8* to be on the last page on the last line.

1- You said you found me on the second page in France? Exactly, but this second page is the last page with all the filters!! without the filters where will I be ? of course no one can see me

2- The placement of a gig comes with time and not only like that, I had +10000 Impressions and just that I made a modification I go to -100 Impressions, without any negative reviews. Isn’t that weird?

3- For the answer of my note, it depends, maybe I forget it because I had a lot of orders, but believe me, that’s not the problem, and for the person who made 1* for JPEG, it’s a misunderstanding, I sent him a Preview like I do with all my customers, and after that we are ok, I send all the source files and I start to do the rest of the package, he did 1* right after I sent him the preview, he didn’t know how it works, the problem with him was that

So, just to let you know that the problem has nothing to do with reviews or rating or even cancellation of the order.

Let me add something:

You said I have a lot of 1* ==> that’s 9 negative reviews. You didn’t see the 1080 of the 5*
Thank you also for reminding me about this client with JPEG

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I know problem is bigger because it is crazy that I get sellers that have not been on the site for over 5 years on first page, but…
There is no real solution here. You all need to join in to collective and file a joint complain towards Fiverr and just like the rally in front of the government office, on FB 2000 people say they will come, only 5 shows up; same will happen here.
People will say on forum on that and that day we will all collectively send same complaint towards Fiverr regarding our gig placement. and most of them will chicken out thinking if I do this Fiverr will label me as “that guy”.

It is nice to have forum where you can talk and talk and talk and type about the issue.

I have seen this in topics from 2012 till today. People complain, but nothing really progresses beyond typing on forum.
Sending individual reports towards CS at random time is not winning strategy.

Then you have another issue because when I go to your profile Fiverr shows me all the negatives first. (most relevant).

And 9 is a lot because your overall is 4.8. Some PRO sellers and TRS sellers that have sale manager shared some inside “secrets” that if your rating is 4.8 and under you are probably done on Fiverr. Also 5.0 is not good too for the algorithm. They (Fiverr sale managers) recommend 4.9 is the best as it makes you more “not perfect” and “humanly approachable”.

This is all strange to me, but that is the story they shared.


Thank you anyway. but the problem of now is not related with anything of that

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I think I’d just be happy that my Gig shows up at all.

Last page, near the middle, somewhere.

What you should be concentrating on is making your Gig stand out from the rest…even on the last page.

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No one really knows that, so I highly doubt it you know the way it works, honestly.

Also, when you make changes, it’s normal for your gig to not appear in search.

I had hundreds of impressions and clicks per day, but my gigs were all removed from search at the beginning of November, so almost 2 months ago.

Obviously this is happening to you too. You have no problem, it’s just Fiverr allowing other people to acquire sales too.

Also, you are level 1. Not sure if you lost your level or not, but obviously level 1 sellers receive less coverage and promotion than level 2 sellers…

Yes, but still do not fix anything

Are you expecting to get jobs daily?

That isn’t going to happen.

Just be patient and spend the time working on improving the Gig descriptions and creating extra Gigs related to the skills you have.

Yes, I’ve just lost my level this month, I’m not the same as before because I saw that my gig stopped without any problem, when I said I know how the algorithm works, I’m talking about based things, all sellers know that it’s not possible for a gig that has more than +10k impressions on the first page in France and the first page of minimalist logo on the whole site is not possible to go to the last page and the last line on the market, it takes a lot of time and problems to be on the last page for gigs like that

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Dude, did you say daily jobs? ??? I had between 10 and 20 orders a day on average.

Good for you!

That doesn’t happen with everyone.

I was seeing an average of 5 orders per day pre-pandemic.

However, I also have business outside of this platform that keeps me busy.

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Just so you all know, what I’ve done now is I’ve reduced my price, before it was between $85 and $275, after I had this problem, now it’s between $10 and $95, so, yes I’m starting to get orders just because I’m reducing the price.

I wasn’t able to use my own profile picture, when I made a new account under the same mail!
they told me the pictures I’ve taken and edited them in my home aren’t original and delete it.