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I made a modification, then my concert went to the last page of the marketplace

I don’t know… for me that gig is showing on the 5th page in best selling in all browsers. Anyway, at least I am back in search now. In some capacity at least.

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Maybe stating the obvious here and of course maybe I’m wrong but I suspect we could all do identical searches using the same filters etc and get different results given the number of sellers that are on fiver and because it is in fivers interest to change the results each time.

Every search is an opportunity for a test by fiver. An opportunity to get more data. An opportunity to see how a buyer reacts to what is presented, where they click and what they do. This is common for marketplaces. Fiver is not a simple directory of sellers.

The results may seem similar to YOU each time YOU search, but someone else could be getting different results with the exact same search.

Just my 2 cents.

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How do you get any work done when you are so obsessed with Gig positioning?

Just curious.

For me, I prefer to concentrate on improving my Gigs, adding new Gigs related to my skills and learning more from Fiverr members on this Forum.

I seem to be meeting this issue. It’s frustrating

OH got it , now you read his one and only bad review out of 97. I know where it is coming from. But anyways Thanks but no thanks you did not prove to be helpful at all


Wow! Congrats!
How did you get it? Can you share it with us?

It doesn’t matter one or 10 bad reviews only, the content of review is also important due to words count and words mentioned.
If you had 5 1* with “canceled order, seller failed to deliver on time” people and algorithm skip those. But if you have review written by human, long negative review, it also indicates that he left detailed private review.

We have evidence of people getting extremely positive review and after that jumping of first page without any modification to the gig. So he got only one positive review, but it was detailed and also buyer send a personal note to Fiverr and he was pushed from last page to first.

So random 1* is not the same as detailed 1*. The content of the star is very important to Fiverr algorithm.

You missed my point.

I did nothing. Fiverr got me out of search for 2 months because I had multiple cancellations (due to health issues). But since they are tracking your activity on a 2-month period and within the past 2 months I barely canceled anything, I assume that’s why they brought me back. I didn’t get any sales from new customers from that gig, so being on that page still didn’t do anything for me. Yet.

Well whatever , no matter how long 5000 word bad review , it does not make any sense we are all human beings working on fiverr, its impossible to please each one of them . I understand if it happens a lot we deserve to be thrown at last page but just one person can do this kind of damage , its unbelievable

So if i understand correctly , there is no reward for 5 star reviews but 1 - 1 star review is all it takes for fiverr to throw you back?

Yes there is. But it is huge difference between:


#1 All perfect. thank you


#2 It is with great confidence that I recommend Marina to anyone looking for professional help. It was a challenge for me to find someone on Fiver that did not focus on building gaming overlays. I needed something for a professional product, and she delivered! Marina was more of a consultant to me than just another Fiver seller. I did not know exactly what I wanted, and she was able to walk me through the process. Marina asks the best probing questions the led me to make the right decisions for me. Not only did I get what I wanted, but she gave me the best quality overlay money could buy. If you do not use Marina’s service, you will be doing yourself a BIG disservice. Hire her now!

You see the difference?

No. once again, this is not an issue.

1* REVIEW that has one generic sentence is not as bad as a detailed one.

Any news in this 2021 ?

My friend got his gig back after 1 month , to be honest all the above advices are Crap , no disrespect at all , just telling the truth , my friend didnt do any thing , not cared about being online , no previous clients order (zero infact) and no social media gig sharing trash logic, he literally did nothing and his gig got back after 1 month. So wait for your turn this is all i can say. Thanks

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@pussyacat I just checked your gig… it’s at the front page using vector Tracing search tag.