I made a purchase, got a horrible product and left an appropriate review - now the user is hounding


Now the user is hounding me to remove it.

It seems to me that the whole purpose for a review system is to alert buyers to poor performance. What good is it to have a review system when the review can be challenged or removed? It suggests that fiver’s review system can’t be trusted.

In fact it seems to me that it ought to be a violation of the terms of service for a provider to attempt to get a negative review changed.

The provider offered himself as an expert and offered to provide a service as that expert. In fact the provider clearly isn’t an expert in any way and buyers should be wary of that.

It makes sense to me.


explain the issue and ask if he can do a better job, if he tries to help you should remove it


It’s to me the individual is simply trying to communicate with to resolve the issue. I would encourage you to speak them. :slight_smile:


just explain to the buyer and ask him you will lime him to do a better job that you are not satisfied with the one he did that you just helped him leave a positive review because you do not want to ruin his rating.am sure he would oblige to redo the job