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I made a request and i am so disappointed

hello guys particularly those have you that have requested a service from here , how do you ensure that you actually get people that you actually need from the request i have gone through 60% of my offers and most of the people who made an offer dont even know what i am talking about :rage: how do i filter things for next time please help.


If I understand well, you made a request as a buyer in buyer request tab ?

yes and i got offers but i am disappointed at the offers that i got is there a way to filter in order to get people that actually do the job i want ?

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Try searching for a seller by using the categories in the app and reading the seller’s gig descriptions to find someone who can help you with your request. What is it that you are trying to get done?


It is tough with buyer requests. Most good sellers don’t spend time looking at buyer requests because they are too busy with work already.
And fiverr added buyer requests as afterthought. Main feature of website is still browsing through the website and choosing seller that you think suits you the most.


@ducktheunicorn is right. Follow these instructions.


You can’t really filter, you should search directly in fiverr research, then it will display a lot of gigs with sellers, watch their profile and send them a message to know if they can do what you’re looking for.
Buyer request is often full of sellers who want to make sells desesperatly and most of them don’t really have qualifications.


i have noticed this .

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This is why we call the buyer request “The jungle”, because even as sellers, we often see buyers making request like “pro only don’t waste my time, budget 5€”

Most sellers that use Buyer requests are level 0 and level 1 and are desperate for work. They apply to every request even if they do not have the skills to fulfill the job because some YouTube Fiverr guru has told them to apply to 10 Buyer Requests a day. :woman_facepalming:t2:


If you don’t mind my asking, what service are you looking for? What was your brief?


I have been selling on Fiverr for nearly 8 years. I have never responded to a buyer request. Why? Because I’m good at what I do and I always have plenty of buyers placing orders with me.

Before you think I have an ego the size of the sun - I don’t! The point I’m making is that good sellers are kept busy without needing to resort to using buyer requests. From what I’ve observed on the forums, most people who respond to buyer requests (not all, but most) are desperate, inexperienced sellers who would sell their grandmother to receive a $5 order.

In other words. Don’t use buyer requests! Yes, you might possibly meet someone decent to work with - but you’ll also be inundated with dozens / hundreds of totally rubbish responses. Instead, search Fiverr to find a handful of sellers who meet your brief and then send each of them a quick message to introduce yourself and the project you are looking to complete.


Level doesn’t mean anything, I’m lvl 0, never used buyer request, I’ll get lvl 1 badge in 5 days, next months lvl 2 badge cause I have filled requierements.

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I totally agree. I wouldn’t use buyer requests either and have never looked at it except for an occasional giggle at the terrible audacity of some of the requests.

Professional sellers are often inundated with work on here, exactly as you say.

But it seems that many new sellers flock to buyer requests and simply say they do everything under the sun–and all for $5!

Therefore, as a buyer seeking quality, I would stay away from ‘buyer requests’ and go directly to sellers who have proved their skills by attaining many excellent reviews in areas that closely correlate to the work you need to commission.

Put in the time and effort to seek out those sellers who have already proved themselves (or new sellers who have drafted a fabulous–and credible–profile and gigs), and be willing to invest more than $5!


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Sadly, Fiverr has a number of Sellers who are, for the lack of a better word, anxious to snag their first job.

As a result, from some bad advice published on many sources, the belief of many of these “anxious” Sellers is to send out many responses to Buyer Requests using the theory that the scatter gun approach is best because firing rounds at several different targets may eventually hit one.

That, I’m afraid, becomes a lottery.

The Buyer ends up with multiple responses, with a high percentage of them unqualified for the job.

However, one may fit the bill and wins the lottery.

I’d hate to be a Buyer facing what you have but that is the way it is these days.

Good luck finding what you need.

I do do the BR thing. Yes it blows serious chunks, and no doubt most requests are inundated with garbage offers.

However most people making those BR:

  • make garbage requests that are impossible to serve properly either from a lack of information to define the actual job coupled with either no budget or one so low no sane person would want to apply.
  • claiming to want someone skilled to help them get their thing done, but do not respond to serious requests for more info or generally in any way at all, except perhaps to demand free work.

This says to me that while it is PITA on both sides of the equation, very few of the people there even want a rational outcome if they don’t set jobs up for potential success and don’t even try talking to respondents who could potentially deliver a workable result.

As already noted, either go look directly at Sellers, the good ones not the garbage merchants. You can spot the difference once you know what to look for.


Make a BR with a good clear indication of what is required along with a rational budget for a sane seller. Then be sure to talk to all sane responders, ignore the rest.

I too would be interested to know what the scope of this job is. After all, we are all here to go


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I should have worded that as most sellers that do apply to Buyer Requests are level 0 and level 1.

That being said I had a friend that used to come to the Fiverr Forum frequently 2 years ago. He did a survey of his buyers and found out that many of them thought level 1 was the best level, so you are right that in many instances level does not make a difference.

I tried buyer request the first 2 months i came on fiverr because it was the only tips that appeared in this forum and on youtube, then I understood it was useless to hang in BR.
So I made a very good gig, and now people come to me likemagnets :smiley:

Heyy, unfortunately 90% of the sellers do not carefully read buyers request and they just use a template, copy-paste it and send their offer. They do this thinking that by replying fast they will increase their chances to get the order. So wrong.

I am a seller, I do reply to buyer requests once in a while and I make sure I carefully read the request and explain my offer in the best way possible. I hope you’ll find what you need soon!

@mjaninea absolutely 100% Right… Sellers do not read carefully read the Buyers request… so better to read Proper than sent… so buyer will impress and discuss with you regarding projects…