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I made a video for my gig please let me know what you think?

I have made a video only using after affects and premier pro
I have made 2 version please tell me which is better!
Thank you :smile:

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THe videos are OK, but both videos have very bad resolutions. For a guy working on visual design, this is a no no. Try to figure out how to upload the video in better quality.

The music you are using, is it a free, license free stock music? You need to have the rights to use it.

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same with you,
anvith_619 should learn more about video editing.
go watch a ‘how to edit video’ videos to make a better work.

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I think you are completely right
I am 13 and don’t have much experience in video editing feild but only in photoshop
I will try my best

Thanks you for going trough
A fiverr video can be only 70mp but mine is 680mb in the highest quality so I have to reduce the quality to the lowest due to which the video quality reduced which fits under 70mb