I made amazing progress


It’s been 25 days since i introduced myself to the forums as a new seller with 22 positive reviews and been active on fiverr marketing only from January, here : First time joining the forums

And it’s been only 25 days my positive reviews and orders increased from 22 to 60 with only 2 active unique gigs.
But that was my best selling gig that was the one and only on the whole Fiverr platform.

And now i’m so busy that i’m starting to decline new orders and pausing my gigs every other day, and still, getting tons of messages from buyers who bookmarked my gigs, it’s an awesome feeling and it’s frustrating at the same time, but i guess that it’s all about time management and being smart, nothing complicated.

I’m going to rewatch the wolf of wall street again :nerd_face::smiling_imp:


Hi, Mohamed!

Sounds like you’re off to an awesome start. :tada:

Excellent movie to learn some tips & tricks! :ok_hand:t4: :smile:


Congrats, Mohamed!

@nikavoice, sell me this pen. :pen: :wolf:


Not only that, I’ll write your name maybe my name etc. on a napkin, too. :fox_face:


hopefully we will do same