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I made an account for my child voiceover and suddenly my current old account was disabled

I was having a great account and my child ask me to make an account for him
I made it but suddenly my old account was disabled

Can anyone advise please


You can’t have 2 accounts with same GIG category using the same internet connection. This is probably because you have the same type of GIGs


Please understand i dont have two gigs

I made another account for my son not me

And fiverr suddenly disabled me

It was also probably because you created them both on the same computer.
You could talk to CS with a support ticket about it. They might be able to restore your account.

But virajwick is right I think that you can’t have 2 people on the same connection with the same type of gigs.

There’s one voice over person who has 2 people under the same (1) account. Fiverr might be okay with it that way if you check with them first. Otherwise your son might need his own computer and different category of gigs.

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My account was about translation

My son account about voice over with his gmail

May be you Used Same IP For Two Account

How to contact cs now
I can not log in

Yes same ip

This is my labtop

Can any one advise how to contact cs now

Email them at I suppose another way would be to ask your son to create a support ticket from his account.


You can contact CS at

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Ok thanks but does anyone here experience similar problem

Some, but only those who do not read TOS. You can not have more than one account on one computer and one network. Use logic. If this was possible how could you prove it is two or 4 persons and not just one guy trying to make more money with multiple accounts?


Hi @dodiiii1980,

Before opening your son’s account, you should’ve got in touch with CS asking them for permission and letting them know what service would your son be offering.

Try to contact support through the email @vickiespencer and @uk1000 kindly gave you, explaining them your situation.

I really hope you get the issue solved.


Why @uk1000 or @vickiespencer

They gave you the email address. Send an email and tell Customer Support what happened.

You should have simply created another gig for him on your account.

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Send a detail mail to or open a ticket from your child account. They should enable ur account as what you did is not against TOS.

If you linked same payoneer / Pay pal account for the both accounts then they will understand as same person creating 2 accounts

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contact with support team asap.

Thanks a lot for your replies

You gave me hope again

Another question please
If it was the reason to make different accounts with the same ip

Why my child account still there now