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I made an error rating a gig and need help fixing it


I accidentally rated an artist 1 star for a gig and meant to give her 5 stars but I can’t find a way to fix it. Can someone please help? I don’t want her rating to suffer because of my mistake.


First, Remove their name from the post (not allowed). Second. Go to the order page, then click on resolution center. If that is not visible, click on your buyer dashboard and should be able to open the order and place a new review.


Send a message to the seller to explain that you made a mistake and that you want to change it.
The seller will have to go to the resolution center to send you a request to change the rating. You can’t change it if the seller doesn’t send this request.


THis has happened before. You can just message Fiverr customer service and explain to them. THe buyer has to do so.


Logan, you need to remove the seller name from your quote. :wink:


Oh sheesh. Palm in face. Thanks @vickiespencer


Thanks for the information


Yep, I thought it was funny, you did just what you asked them not to. :laughing:


You need to ask from fiverr customer support how to change your review.:slightly_smiling_face: