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I made an order today, the money was withdrawn from the card, but my order is not visible

I made an order today, the money was withdrawn from the card, but my order is not visible. There is a screenshot of the confirmation that the payment went through. Help me. What to do?



I was just using site and it had some bugs (visual).

Try to refresh page or log in from different browser.

Did the buyer responded to your order, can you access order using messages and notifications tab?


Hello! Yes, the buyer answered, but he also does not display my order for some reason. I don’t know what to do, I’m very upset.I used it through the fiverr application, not through the browser.

The problem is happening quite a bit in my case. I have a lot of random cancellations coming out of nowhere, people placing orders and then they do a chargeback and cancel. I have 82 cancellations in the past 2 months, out of which I only canceled 30 myself. So I lost a lot of orders due to this bug. The sad thing is that no one talks about it


I have already logged in from another browser, nothing has changed. The money was withdrawn, but it was as if I hadn’t made the order. Maybe there is someone who can help me with this. I really need this order.

@donnovan86, wow that is disconcerting! The only issue I have had of late is that sometimes I have to deliver twice because the clock keeps ticking if I do not.

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Contact CS in a way I do not recommend but Twitter and open ticket. Ticket is slow but twitter might speed things up.


How did you pay, did he sent you offer or did you bought package?

He has _ in his name, maybe the payment went to someone else. _ in name confuses system

she has 6 orders in queue

On a side note… the photoshop she did on her on GIG photo… why?

May be some bug. Try few hours later

I am certain it’s due to payments not being fully processed because the number of cancellations is getting higher, yet I see no new cancellations in the cancellation list. Plus, my percentage can’t be over 90% with so many cancellations, so I assume they are not taking into account. The problem is that they continually pop up, the number of cancellations is higher and higher without me canceling any order…

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Fiverr site is down, it is a bigger problem than just your order so you will have to wait until they fix the site.

That is strange! :thinking:


It is.

I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing it.

I know it’s this because I had a person that wanted to place an order, Fiverr took his money and from the inbox i could enter the order page. Yet it didn’t show in the order list. Thankfully I was able to enter through the inbox and deliver, with the guidelines provided in the inbox by the customer. All these cancellations started around that time.

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Have you tried to contact Customer Support. You should immediately do that if you haven’t. They will solve your problem within no time.

@elenas19871987 you can contact to Customer Support. I think they can help you about this matter & can solve your problem

And now all my gigs were removed from search. The cancellation thing just can’t be a coincidence… since I wasn’t removed from search for months now…

I wish I knew how to help you. :disappointed_relieved:

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