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I made first gig. but English test

i made first gig but its in draft due to the English test. its necessary to pass the exam first.
but i am not feeling confident to start a test.
can anyone give me tips or guidelines to motivate? thanks


every test looks difficult but we should face the situation. be confident. try to search and read some text relating to the text and later go on test
dont be afraid, if you are afraid u will lost your confident.


Without English test you can not publish your gig. So, I suggest you try to take your English test successfully. Best of luck.


Take some English lessons online first and also read articles about English grammar rules.

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thanks . i will try to search online lessons

You will do GREAT on the test! And you can always redo it if you don’t do so well! I would suggest studying some English flash cards or something similar to that!

The test is very easy.

YOU CAN DO IT @shahzadi18!!! Make a plan to get prepared and then go for it!! Do you have any specific questions about the test or skills that you need to prepare? I am a native English speaker and would be happy to answer any questions for you if I can :+1: :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just wanted to say that makes me happy to read posts like this :slight_smile: Good vibes!

thanks all friends for appreciation

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