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I made it to Level 1 Seller Thank you


Oh my goodness I woke to my emails and I seen Fiverr thinking yes I got a new order, when I opened the mail it read Congratulations I made Level 1, I want to thank Fiverr for always helping me when I need it, and the Wonderful buyers who trust in me to help them thank you all, so all I did was follow the rules, believe me I kept re doing my gigs daily.

One day I read almost all through the seller help tips on here and I seen add Bonus and make sure you do it, that is what I did, I added Bonus in my gigs and honored it, and I woke up to getting level one, I’m not saying it will work right away it took all most 2 months, but you never know you might get it right away, that is what I did ADD BONUS and please keep it. Thank you all so much for putting your time here on the Tips Forum for us all.


Way to go, Angie. :slight_smile:



Someday, i will also ge there


Great Job,

Looking forward to that landmark.




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