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I made it to Level 1!


Boy am I glad I found fiverr!! Every little bit helps. I currently run a consignment store and its been tough the last few months. Even an extra $50 helps pay the bills. I’m excited to have the gig extras associated with a Level 1 seller. I’m amazed it happened so quick since I’ve been a member for just at a month. After reading a few of the discussions on here I was expecting to have to wait awhile. :slight_smile: Made my day!


That’s awesome! I’ve been on Fiverr maybe three weeks now. I hope to get to that level 1 fast too! How do you get around buyers who buy your gig, but never deliver the info you need to finish the gig, thus making you late? I have had that issue a couple of times…any tips? Does this make me look bad when it’s not my fault?


Congratulations! :smiley:


Awesome Stuff :smiley:


Glad to hear it, where in the world is your consignment shoppe?


Congrats, Jeileen!


congrats :smiley:


Congratulations - Cheers =D>