I made my first sell today


Hay guys
I am Miju.

Finally I made my first sell today . I am exceptionally happy now , My buyer gave me 5 star review .

It was very interesting and exciting.

I am exceptionally happy to tell about my first offer .

Thank you


Congrats, keep it going! Best of luck.


Congrats! Good for you, I hope I get my first buyer soon too :slight_smile: It’s been a while waiting



Keep the hard work and you will get there!

Wish you the best luck, :moneybag:


Congrats Mate


Congrats, keep the good work and you will get more sale.

Unlike me after my first sale even with the 5 :dizzy: All that’s happening is just my impression going up but no sale… :disappointed:


Stay tuned on fiverr :slight_smile:


Congratulations.hope you get more.