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I made over 1.3K $ on fiverr in JUST 3 MONTHS

Hello friends, I have posted yesterday about my success on Fiverr and the post got a lot of traffic and interaction, so I have decided to share with you a story that is a bit more explanatory and with a bit more info in it.

So, it was 2015 when i Finally decided to dabble into the world of freelancing. Being a certified graphic and motion designer I though it was going to be a breeze to earn money online as a free lancer. Started imagining how I would almost become rich and stuff.

Where did this self-confidence come from? Well, I am employed in an IPTV conglomerate which services over 100K active customers. And I have started from the bottom, back when the company had barely 2000 subscribers.

So I was an essential part to the growth, and development of it as I was the key member in all daughter companies which were opened during this period of 6 and a half years. Lets just say that I have started working in the IPTV as a regular call center Agent, which quickly escalated to the position of the “Head of the tech. squad”, a few months pass, I became the overall company supervisor. But, I was also doing a lot of, well ALL to be more exact graphic design, motion graphics, promotional material for the company. Than, one day I was asked a question, You know how to program, but can you do a data base… That was a project which took me three months to complete, but it was still record breaking. We have been using that data base for over 4 years now. So the longevity of it speaks of its quality and stability.

So at that point I was a 7 men team… :slight_smile:

I was doing:

  1. Call center Supervision
  2. Technical support
  3. Marketing & sales strategy
  4. Graphics and Motion design
  5. Website programming and Website design
  6. Data base programming
  7. System administration and maintenance

and everything else that may hit the company :slight_smile: and I STILL AM

Now you see why i expected to blow up and make a ton of money on fiverr… Well… that’s not how it happens neither is it realistic.

I have made accounts all over the net, on almost all of the freelancing websites… And I have had close to none success… Having 10 accounts, on 10 different websites, constantly contacting sellers and offering my services… sleeping for 3-4 hours a day, and in the end in 6 months I have made roughly 300$ TOTAL…

I was planing on giving up, so i closed most of the - least successful accounts on websites that did not bring a bit or any money, but I have left fiverr and a few more websites.

My plan was to close even them, because I was not getting any money…

But in July it all kick started, all the countless posts I made on all my social media pages, social groups, and personal accounts paid off.

I started getting orders like crazy. But that does not mean that everything is over, and that you finally can sit down and relax. No… That means that now the real b*tt busting is starting. That you will have to break your limits to keep doing what you’re doing and yet deliver quality professional work to your customer.

Me having a lot of customer communication experience, it was a definite plus when it comes to getting gigs.

There is a simple pattern which occurs in 98% of the orders.

  1. Customer contacts you to present to you his/her project
  2. Price negotiation process
  3. Placing an order on your gig
  4. Delivering on time
  5. ALWAYS give a bit extra.

I never deliver just the work I promise, I deliver much more! That is why I have satisfied and reoccurring customers.

I have earned a bit over 1,3K $ in roughly three months. That is a lot of money here where I am from… Serbia, land of the … what ever :smiley:

Well lets just say that Living in Serbia, means that all your efforts will be brought down and I as a CTO who has 50 subordinates and who carries on his back more than 60% of the company. I have a monthly salary of 400e which is roughly 450$. And that’s considered to be a decent salary here. Minimum wage is 190$ A MONTH :slight_smile:

So this means the world to me, because 1300$ is not that much, but it can also be considered as another salary here where I am from.

So PLEASE share my gigs with your friends, and people in need of professional Photo and Video/ motion graphic editing.
I will not disappoint them :slight_smile:

Thank you, and I hope all of you are having a GREAT DAY


In the end: “PLEASE share my gigs with your friends, and people”???

You did very well of sharing your success story:handshake:

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good work always gives you great results.
keep it up

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I have almost earned same from 3 months :slight_smile:

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I do not know if you have even read the rest of the text. I have explained in HIGH detail why have I ASKED people nicely to share it with their friends.
Before you start pointing out the specific paragraphs, please make sure you read the text twice if need be :slight_smile:Thank you :smiley:

Congratulations brother!

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Also I would like to point out the fact that I have shared my success story with you, and out of everyone you are the only person who didnt get the point of my forum post -.-


Awe how nice of you, thank you! :smiley:

Good Work Always get good results.
Well done

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Could you please share with us how much are you making and how long it took you? :slight_smile: A screenshot would be nice. Also a story of your success would be very appreciated.

Short story: I don’t brag about my “success” on the forum.

And by success I mean 48k after 16 months FYI.

That’s an odd thing to say when you seem to take every opportunity there is to state how much you make per day/month/lifetime. At a guess, I would say that I have seen at least 5 posts by you with your earnings.


Please, stop being horrible to everybody! It’s not nice. :worried:

What you see as not being successful might change somebody else’s world for the better.

We’re all different - thankfully! :sunny:


FYI, @offlinehelpers is a really great lady (zoom in her photo, you’ll see), and I reckon she doesn’t like being called “bro” :wink:


Oh gosh, I didnt pay atention to the avatar. My bad :confused:

Sorry for addressing you as a bro… My bad, :frowning: didnt pay attention to your avatar… Sorry and Thank you for commenting on my post

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That’s alright - I’ve changed my background to pink so it’s a bit clearer - hope you keep doing well! :sunny:

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