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I made some changes

Good morning people. So I made some changes on 2 of my gigs ( writing articles and translation) and I had 10 clicks I want you to tell what changes I should do to improve my profile drthanina | Animation for Kids, Translation | Fiverr
Thank you


Your Gig Descriptions are good and exactly to the point. It looks good to me!

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Thank you for checking my profile you’re so kind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You still have only one photo in your GIG portfolio.

Imagine it this way. Each of your images is potential google search results. If you only put one on available 3 you cutting your chances of being discovered by 66%.

Also PDF and regarding video you should include some branding in the timeline and then use that as thumbnail.

To show you what I mean google search “ecamm overlay” or “ecamm overlay fiverr”.

Let me know do you see me in search results or not.

That is the point. Not just Fiverr results but worldwide results.


Thank you, I don’t understand what do you mean by I should include branding and use it as thumbnail ?

What looks better to you?

Or this:


Brands look like great! thanks for your advise and suggestions

aaah I think I know what you mean, the second is more catchy for me, this is what you mean isn’t it ?

Yes. So people can recognize you, and you also stand out.

Look search results:


yepe thank you so much :relaxed:

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Ovbiusly the second one…!!!

Gig: I will write medical, health related SEO articles

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to say where else they can purchase your articles. Fiverr probably won’t like it.
Maybe choose (or create and add to the video) a different frame for the video thumbnail - (eg. the current one says “I speak and write in:” without any other text - and that’s what will be shown in search results).

Gig: I will turn your childrens book into 2d animation
Maybe the title could be reworded because Fiverr doesn’t allow apostrophes in titles.

Gig: I will create amazing kids educational videos
At the start the character could be a bit more animated like it is later on.
In this and in another gig maybe make the pointed bit of the speech bubbles be more towards the character’s mouth like they are saying those things (eg. on the image it shows for the video thumbnail).


okey thank you so much :grin:

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