I make my first withdraw - Feeling excited :)


Hello Everyone,

Finally, I make my first withdraw: It is a small amount but It’s Just Start.

Within 35 days my total earn is $256. and active orders is $124.

Hopefully, I will achieve my first level soon.

Thankful to you guys.


Well, technically, we didn’t have anything to do with your sales or success. That’s all you. I’m fairly certain that none of your customers participate here on the forums, so it seems odd that you’re thanking us. :wink:

With that said, though, you’re doing well. Keep the momentum going!


People giving helpful advice here may have contributed to his success in a way although his personal efforts far outweigh them but still,it makes a difference.


Actually, thankful to you Guys Who Help Us Always And Motivate Us By Posting Success Stories … Thank you


Ah, well, in that case, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Congratulations. You are off to a great start. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice Inspiration from U


Congratulation and keep up your success.


congratulations :kissing_closed_eyes:


congratulations for your first withdraw


Many congratulations :slight_smile: Good luck for next


Congratulations ! :grinning:


Congratulations ! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


keep up the good work buddy, well done.


congratulation keep it up.




Congralutions :heart_eyes:


Woah, congratulations! As someone who posted their first gig yesterday, this is really inspiring to me. Finger’s crossed I’ll be able to report similar at some point.




Good start. Congratulations!