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I make Pixel art from your photo, potraits or Sprites for ur favorit Games

hello everyone, if you need pixel art, or you need sprites for your favorite NPC game, I can really help it. I can make a scene, portrait to pose. let’s meet me here!

Never make unlimited revisions on your Gig. Unless you want to do the work for free? :woman_shrugging:

Your description is not professional too. You think writing a few sentences is enough? Try to explain a bit more in the description, so customers are more likely to place orders.

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Im fine with it, i need to raise order. But thanks for it. I appreciate, maybe i change if i get first order

Very well. Then don’t complain if your earnings disappear after the order completion or the Buyer keep sending revisions immediately and require you to cancel the order and refund him the money.

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I new know this. Ok. Tysm for it