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I Make Some Pretty Rad Pixel Art!

Hey there! I’m Kerrie Lake and I’ve been making pixel art professionally for over a year and a half. I just joined a couple days ago and am looking to find my first buyers! So far I have 2 gigs available.

  1. Pixel Art Sprites/Characters-

I will make a custom pixel art sprite for you that can be used for commercial use! If you buy the premium package I will also animate it. :slight_smile:

  1. Pixel Art Avatar-

This is a personalized avatar that you may use on your social media. I’ve made the style similar to a game called Final Fantasy Tactics, but they are for anyone to enjoy! It would also make a great gift!

Thanks for checking my gigs out :slight_smile:


Those are some pretty rad pixel art gigs indeed.

welcome aboard Kerrie!

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Loved it! :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Those are so cute!

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