I marked my order as complete, but its still showing up on my To Do list


I tried marking one of my gigs as complete, yet it still shows up in my To Do list as incomplete. I tried delivering the order 3 times and it still didn’t work. Fiverr has been so glitchy lately-- It’s really getting annoying.

Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?

Thanks, Cassy



did you solve the problem because I’m experiencing the same problem today. I have delivered two orders and they are still in my TO DO list although they are marked as DELIVERED in SALES.


I have the same issue. I noticed the countdown was gone though. I hope my buyer responds soon.


Reply to @mjolnir: I got it fixed back when I posted this thread, but it’s happening again today now. CS was no help.


Reply to @artportraits: Me too!


I had that issue with an older order (which had actually been marked complete) when I first made the switch to V2, but not since - however, it was a temporary glitch and as others said regarding your first issue with this, so long as it’s marked as delivered, you should be fine.

That said, I agree that there’s been a lot of glitches with Fiverr lately, and I hope yours is resolved soon. It’s an unnecessary worry, if nothing else!


This is happening to me as well. On top of this, Someone purchased a gig and submitted the information. This didn’t show on my ToDo list as well. Luckily I saw it when clicking on the bubble.

Not sure what’s going on…


since it’s marked as delivered, you should be fine. Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Reply to @est1990: That has happened to me as well, which is why I always check ‘Manage Sales’ at least once a day. Of course, my stats there have also been off quite often, but at least the actual gigs that have been ordered are always listed, even if they don’t show up on my to-do.


Reply to @marsch001: Weird… It’s the first time this happened to me. There were multiple bugs going on which had me worried. However I went to go walk the dogs and when I came back, it seems like everything is working again just fine. I think i’ll start double checking everything though…


I’ve had gigs show up 5 days after ordering (luckily I have a 10 day delivery time). I’ve had the same problem with delivered orders not being taken off the to do list. I put it down to a bug since the orders all stated delivered. It was fixed eventually and I haven’t seen a problem since.


Hey guys, thanks for the comments! Check out this new post I made regarding the issue even after it was fixed: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/15761/to-do-list-bug-is-fixed-but-if-you-don039t-do-this-one-tip-you-will-have-late-orders-read-this#Item_1


Glad to know am not going crazy, happened to me yesterday. A client ordered a gig but it does not show up on my TO DO LIST or Queue.


Big problem with Fiverr feedback is If you ordering two gigs from one seller with different time of delivery you have no change make two feedbacks.


Problem solved. I didn’t do anything and few hours later everything was fine. Some bug I guess.


I have the same thing happen. Mine has said I have 2 orders ever since I switched to the new Fiverr. I like the change other than that.