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I may have landed a HUGE CLIENT!

I’ve been working with some “big brands” in the past year. My work is very local, so by “big” I actually mean “small” compared to the massive corporations.

Anyway… This is something I love doing. Big brands and corporations will normally have real professionals to deal with, clear instructions, and they never haggle over price.

Obviously, there are some great advantages to working with the big guns. It’s marketable. Having your work being used by a large brand is a sign of trust and will lead to more sales.

It’s a lot of fun knowing that my work is at a level where big companies will consider using my services (and hey, I’m not even a “pro seller”). Who said you need a pro badge to land the really big jobs?

This time I might have landed a job which means lots of orders on a regular basis, from a company with 100.000+ employees. It feels amazing, I must say!

Now, of course, they will review my work, and consider me, probably along with 10 other candidates, but it’s interesting and fun work, with positive repercussions for my business here on Fiverr.

Anyone else who has worked with big brands/clients, and have a similar experience?


Back in my copywriting days I worked with Overstock and Staples and it is So Different. That no haggle is lovely and being paid corporate wages is something not many on Fiverr understands.

Good for you!


That’s great… Congrats!

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I’m happy to hear about your success. I’m hoping to get my first set of Fiverr orders soon :slight_smile:



It’s definitely different to work with corporations! I have little experience with that. I mean… Working for a local client with 50+ employees was my first big order, and it felt overwhelming.

Now, this is not to brag! I hate bragging! But I wanted to see if anyone else on Fiverr had the same experience. I don’t know how normal it is for big brands to shop for services on Fiverr, but I imagine it doesn’t happen that often?


It is exciting and I wish you luck with it.
I don’t wish to be a buzzkill but I feel I have to offer some advice/caution.

Just be careful. Try to find a way to verify that you are actually working directly with the company and not a reseller!
I know that is difficult to do but try to find a way. Many resellers will not say so up front and will use the company name to get a better deal etc when in the end, you are dealing with some guy who knows nothing about the business but feels he has landed a big fish and is trying to make as much as he can from it!

If they do proceed, stick to the same principles you would have with other clients - orders before work being done, done in parts you are comfortable with etc.


@nathanielrsuchy Thanks man! And welcome to Fiverr! I wish you every bit of luck and success with your Gig. :smiley:

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No such word in my vocabulary @eoinfinnegan - I take it as good advice!

When it comes to doing business as usual, this is my plan. I won’t give then any advantage in that regard. I’ve experienced resellers before so I know it can be a pain. I believe it’s the real company I’m dealing with, but I could, of course, be mistaken. But as long as they pay my going rate I’m not complaining. Same work = same price as everyone else.

Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

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I have a few I’m working on getting ready - I’m waiting for a logo to be made by another Fiverr user - I’m hoping a better first impression will get me more orders :slight_smile:



I know how awesome it feels.

I’ve been approached by not just 1 but 2 music companies who were ready to pay me on a regular basis for the work. 1 approached me here on Fiverr and the other one on another top hiring site.

I would suggest never worry about all those PRO flashy badges because ultimately what matter to you and your client is your honesty and dedication towards your work and quality. Just keep doing what you do the best and you’ll eventually become BIG… bigger than any of those Pro sellers.

Best of luck!


First impressions matter a lot, indeed! I would look into getting a proper video for your Gig as well - it increased my conversions ten-fold!

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Thanks! Inspirational :slight_smile:



Goes to show: if you want to be treated professionally, you need to act professionally!



Some big clients are awful to deal with. I done some freelance work for a company who I shall decline to name. However the head of the company went on to be some sort of president or something. Took about eight months to get them to pay a single invoice.


LOL…you don’t have to say more :laughing:

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Lol! And yeah, I guess not all corporate clients are great. 95 % of my buyers, small or big, have been great to work with.

Congratulations! It’s funny because I’ve gone the opposite way, from working with really big companies to becoming freelance and working for very small companies and individual clients that are just working on their own personal projects. :slight_smile:

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Hold their services hostage until you are paid, for example if you are hosting a website, put up a services suspended page until you receive payments, if you are doing development, stop and tell them pay the invoice for services to resume. You don’t have to put up unfair treatment like that if you don’t want to. You deserve payment for the services you are providing the client.