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I mean, seriously?


So just 2 days ago, I added a new gig. The next morning, I spill coffee on my PC and I freak out.

( I am still in the middle of drying my PC, I will try restarting it on Monday, till then, my other gigs have been paused)

I borrowed my mother’s laptop, logged into Fiverr, and to my surprise I had 3 orders for my new gig, and I was very

thrilled. Since my mother’s laptop is different from mine (like no Photoshop and such) it was slowing me down a bit, but

I was still grateful to get the gigs. ( and of course mom, thx for letting me borrow your laptop…)

Then last night, I get home from work, and I found out that I have another order.

Oh wow, $65 gig? Great! Thank you!!

…Then a few minutes later, I get a message.

"So sorry. Mistake."

And the buyer asked for a mutual cancellation.

OK, how the heck do you accidentally click “order more” multiple times, up to $65???

This is the second time something like this has happened to me, and I guess maybe this just being the

second time is a lucky thing since I have read horror stories of other sellers going through this all the time.

But still, I mean, seriously?? Was this buyer seriously that bored to a point where you have nothing else

better to do in order to entertain him/herself? :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

Or was the guy upset about the fact that I got gigs right away, or he/she couldn’t believe that I was

making money just by cutting out pieces of paper and pinning them up with mini laundry pins???

I reported him to customer support, his account has been closed it seems.

Well, the guy might try bothering another seller in the near future, who knows.

Whoever you are, may you suffer from terrible diarrhea for the next 48 hours!!!

OK, ranting done. Time to go back to cutting little pieces of paper! :stuck_out_tongue:

zeus777 said: Whoever you are, maybe you suffer from terrible diarrhea for the next 48 hours!!!!!!!!!

=)) =)) =))


Reply to @est1990:

Well, I’m glad to see that I was able to entertain you a bit!

I was originally planning to type in something a bit more nastier though! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @bachas85:

they freak out for a second…

Even if it is for a second, if they really do freak out…

maybe I’ll try it next time!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA


just deliver for 20 minutes :wink: then mutual cancel


I had this happen with a customer I have a very good relationship with (heck, i think he has ordered over 250$ worth of gigs from me since the start of this summer) - he tried to order from the mobile version of fiverr and ended up ordering 5 (!!) separate gigs, and we had to mututal cancel 4 of them because he only wanted one at that time.

So, I think it’s not ill will some times, but it could be in others.