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I meet the criteria for top rated seller but I did not get it

hello there, I finally meet ALL the criteria required to be a top rated seller and yesterday I had my review. I was looking forward to become a top rated seller but fiverr has informed me that they decided to keep me on level 2 instead. I have thousands of amazing reviews (all of them 5 stars except literally 4 or 5), and the reviews are not only great by the star system but the words describe me as an excellent fiverr seller. I understand that top rated seller is not automatic even when you meet the criteria, but given that my reviews are so good why did I not get it and what else can I do to get it? I find it pretty unfair to be honest. In some cases I even went an extra mile and did some extra work just to make sure my buyers are satisfied and hoped this would help me become a top rated seller, but from now on I won’t care as much anymore as this doesn’t really seem to pay off.


Oh well, let’s hope it will be your only disappointment :wink:

I’ve been nominated for TRS since they rolled out this rating system (how long it’s been, 2 years already?)
I’m not bothered with that anymore and just ignoring this promotion and nomination messages.

I’m not sure about their criteria because they also declined my application for fiverr pro which is a bit weird because if working with royal family, big luxury brands, being on TV and published in quite a few magazines is not enough for pro, then I don’t know what is enough especially seeing some Pro sellers reselling cheaper work.

That was my short rant :grin: I still have more than enough work and happy with my level 2 seller and less hustle.


[quote=“mariashtelle1, post:2, topic:349915”]
’Ive been nominated for TRS since they rolled out this rating system
[/quote] It’s no really encouraging to … go through this each month :frowning:


Absolutely same here :slight_smile: Don’t care anymore :slight_smile: Focusing on other things

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ah ok lol, well in this case I will not expect to be top rated seller anytime soon anymore :smiley: I was also denied fiverr pro and I have been working as high end visual effects artist for 12 years, my name is in the credits of 28 blockbuster movies and I worked in the team which won the oscar for best visual effects on Interstellar and then again another oscar for best animated feature of spiderman into the spiderverse, yet apparently i didn’t deserve to be a part of fiverr pro :smiley: I guess I will not care as much either, I don’t think it would increase the sales anyway. I just thought that after meeting the criteria it would be almost automatic. Thanks for explaining and sharing your experience :slight_smile:


it makes sense, I won’t care either as apparently it will never happen :slight_smile: thanks!