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I messaged a seller and they dont reply?


I was having a conversation about a possible gig for a linkedin profile update, we messaged back and forth and they do not reply ? did they not get the last message or what is dealio ? seems strange.
Thank you


How long have they not replied for?


about 22 hours ago or so


Hmm, they could be no longer interested in the project, or just busy. Hard to say.

Anyways, always keep your options open.


It’s quite possible. I had messages disappearing this past week as well. I would reach out again just in case a message was missed. Good luck.


Maybe they had someplace to go, maybe they went to bed, maybe they went to eat something.

I stop answering sometimes when it goes on too long that someone wants to chat without placing an order.

You can try asking them to send you a custom order and see if they get that message :wink:


Sometimes when replying through the app, it acts strange.

In the past after I get back to mu pc i would check back to see if the buyer has come online only to realize my reply has not gone through at random times when replying with the mobile app.