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I Messed Up - My Apology

Is this reference to that one post that’s most likely inspect element to try make customer service look bad?

It is indeed in reference to that post; though your understanding of the post is somewhat incorrect.

Not sure what there is to understand, you probably had a bad experience with CS, and decided the best way to handle it was by coming on to forums to make it seem worst than it was. You’ve probably recieved messages from the staff who said they’d look into it, and realized you messed up, now you’re apologizing.


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Like I said; I don’t really want to get into it. Just wanted to get it out of me.

And please don’t laugh.

Hey Jake,

I have no clue what your OG post was about so I don’t know the extent of what’s happened, but I would just like to say that it’s nice to see someone taking accountability in a world full of people that shirk the mere word. Again, since I have no context, I’m going to remain neutral on this topic - but from what I can infer from this post, this past incident in question has been a learning curve for you of sorts (?) so I hope that whatever it is, it doesn’t occur again, and that everything settles down on your end soon. Take care!


This one?

Sorry to hear about that. Did something like that cause this one, too?


I just can´t imagine how hard were last 18 hours for you and admire your courage to admit mistake to yourself and publicly apologize. However, there was no other way…

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The post is still available to view on the forum, but closed for new posts currently.

So is that exactly what CS said in their reply to your request? If so, it still seems they shouldn’t have written that. But maybe I don’t know the full story of what happened. Or maybe it’s the title of the thread you are talking about/how you wrote it?

So did they give you the warning by mistake when you weren’t the one who did anything wrong? And have they still not removed the warning if it was given by mistake (eg. to the wrong person)?

I read that post yesterday. I won’t judge you, as I don’t know what are you doing through.
Anyway, apologise was the right thing to do - I appreciate your courage.
Hope everything will be better for you soon.
Take care.

Jake made the whole thing up … and went to the trouble of using inspect element to back up his totally fictional story.

I am reminded of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” …


My mind immediately went to that other one.


Phew, reading up on the posts I was one foot out the door, thanks for clarifying.

Are you sure? Because in response to the message about using “inspect element” he said:

Also the ticket number seemed about right for a ticket created on that date (compared to my ticket created on a different date). I don’t know why the ticket couldn’t be found (I’d assume a ticket with a certain number would stay on the system rather than be deleted?).

I am absolutely certain.


What reason would he have to apologize if this actually happened, then he would be absolute right to publish screenshots, if CS actually responded like that.

I thought it might be the tone of the posts and title that he was apologizing for, including how he talked about the CS person getting his name wrong etc. Maybe that the 2 posts in the screeshot were shown out of context (like we saw the last 2 posts but don’t know the full story). I don’t know.

Is there something that shows that/a way to tell from the screenshots to make you sure or have you been informed by staff that that was the case or were you able to tell another way (like access to the ticket system?)?

I am not allowed to give details, @uk1000 - however, the facts are in and this was a fantasy.


Actually when I said:

I think I was wrong about that. I have a ticket created in July that started 451… and the screenshot ticket number was 4396673 and I assume it was created in August so I assume the ticket number was too low for a ticket that had actually been created in August (after mine was created - I think it would have actually had a ticket number > 4510000 if it had actually been created in August).

In any case, @jake_hopkins I hope you’re okay!

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