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I might've just got ghosted on a logo design?

So I actually get a slew of messages in one day about logo design. I receive two really interesting projects from a buyer. I usually start out with some sketches and a few digital concepts before starting the order that way through out the whole order we have a solid direction to go in.

I send them their sketches and we have discuss what can be done and I send them a few logo concepts that are .JPEG and not finished but to establish a stronger direction and I see go online and no response for the whole day. I message again reiterating that, “Hey, it’s ok if you don’t like any of these we can start over from scratch if that makes you more comfortable!” and I’ve overall been very accommodating and I was excited to work on this project as it was a really fun one.

They’ve been online again with no response, but I think it’s my fault in this situation. So I’ve got to change the way I work then most likely. I’m actually probably going to finish their logo and make my own portfolio piece out of it.

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hi rikkijanae1, you did everything you could. Don’t waste your time blaming yourself and trying to second guess why a human does something out of the ordinary. Just write this one off to experience and move on. You will be a lot happier


I would suggest not starting anything without a buyer actually ordering. Some potential clients could also use your idea and go on to someone cheaper. It happened to me once. Even on those sketches you wasted time. You could however discuss briefly the concept they are looking for before they order. :slight_smile:

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Hello @rikkijanae1 ,

I was quite surprised when you mentioned this:

Everybody got lessons here, so don’t blame yourself.

I’m also a designer, and I never send any sketches to buyer candidates. I’m not intending to offend anyone here, but there are buyers who likely to request for sketches before proceeding to order. My advice is: avoid these kind of buyers.


They do these kind of requests for brainstorming idea.

Guess what? just like @andaluzia said, they will go for the cheapest service and create the best idea (which could be yours) into the final, desired product.

By looking at your writing, your communication skill is more than enough to indicate that you and your buyer will be on the same page, so there is no need to send sketches imo.

Anyway, you just lost some of your ideas, not your creative thinking. So, be happy with it :grin:

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