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I Miss Office Parties

As a full time freelance writer, I spend most of my time on my computer working on scripts and creating content. Hardly do I find time to make friends (apart from people I communicate with and become acquainted to online)
I miss office parties especially at this time of the year when social gatherings and dress downs are allowed. This must be one of the disadvantages of working online. Can anyone relate?


That’s probably the only thing I don’t miss. Office parties are the worst.

I do agree that making friends now takes an extra effort, though. Working together (not necessarily partying together while wearing silly hats) creates a special bond that becomes friendship for life pretty easily, at least for me.


I take it as an advantage, the less I interact with people in real life, the safer it feels. Interacting with people online and doing whatever I’d like to do and dealing unknowns in real life is whole different thing. You can look for local community who are doing same work as you and call them for meet-up or some kind of parties once in a while. This will help building a community who understands each other and thinks same way as you do…


I agree, there are special bonds that can be formed online at work. I still think we are meant to be social creatures though… Still its relieving to be running our own schedules and doing what we love

Never thought about the meet ups, what a wonderful idea. will definitely try it

I miss those too. We had a huge one at the House of Representatives once and it was amazing with a 50 piece Mariachi Band. Yes, they actually rented the House of Representatives, a huge room, and had a party there.

Too much excitement at the company I worked for at that time, it was great. It seemed like half the time it was a big party.

Then there was the party at the entire Design Center in Washington D.C. where I had a little too much to drink, that was fun too.


Source and more dis/advantages of being a freelancer vs office employee, depending on how you see it :wink: :


I’m happy either way. But if you work for the right company or in the right field you can have a lot of amazing experiences. I’ve been lucky to work in some incredible places.


I don’t miss office parties. I’d always be late, drink lots to catch up to everyone else, then say completely inappropriate things. Once I told the CEO of my hotel network that he the entire marketing department needed firing for targeting the wrong target market. Then he introduced me to his nice, the new social media marketing manager.

I also spilled red wine on the staircase of a 14th-Century castle once and told everyone it was fine as they needed a new carpet anyway.

Thankfully, I never said anything that got me fired. However, looking back, I was probably just one AGM meeting away from being given my marching orders.


We get invited to my middle son’s company party. It is a small close knit group. They always have the same chef and we have lots of fun.


Lol, I can relate, especially when you have enough orders. Currently, I wish to be on my PC working and miss the parties. I will like to celebrate the yuletide in front of my PC.

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This freelance job picture describes me perfectly and I have 2 co-worker are my 2 cat in my freelancing life. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:


I’d miss that kind of party too misscrystal

This is very accurate. Still love freelancing though

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This must have been awkward. I wish I made such cringe worthy memories to look back at :sweat_smile:

I haven’t worked outside the house in over a decade. The last holiday party I was forced to go to for work ended up with my boss bullying me and another woman into singing the Twelve Days of Christmas in front of everyone. I’ll stay home and just keep working, thanks!


I miss office parties too. My last corporate job had the best holiday parties, with Santa, gaming, and presents for all. My children miss the parties more than I do I think. Now I have to go to the dreaded mall and deal with people I don’t know for the little ones to see Santa.

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I can imagine how you felt

anything for the kids heee?

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