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I miss the OLD FIVERR!

The old Fiverr displayed all the gigs… not just the really popular ones. Now I am barely getting any gigs, when I used to get a ton! I reccommended my sister this site and her business, instead of usually quickly taking off, is not taking off at all… The old Fiverr was better. Or is it just me who thinks this way?

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i miss the old fiverr interface, it was so lovely!

:crystal_ball:In the year 2022, someone will reopen this thread to post how they are missing the 2018 design.

Apart from that, I miss the old Fiverr too, mostly the spring 2017 vintage, if memory serves well, though not because of the UI design choices.


Yes it was nice interface. But Fiverr is always developing best features for us.
No worries if you face any problem with new interface write support :smiley:

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