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I missed to response an email, What should I do?

I have been on Fiver in 4 months. Until Now I had 6 conversations and 1 order successfully done. My Response rate was 100 percent and response time less than 1 hour. But I found today that I missed a message 6 day ago. So response rate turned red. What should I do? I am afraid, If I reply, response time will be affected and moreover, what kind of review I will get from the customer.


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Your response time is already affected anyway. Just get a Fiverr App on your phone, so you will get notifications and will be able to reply on each message. Now the only thing you can do is to reply on time to all the new messages

Reply to it, don’t waste an opportunity to get a project, but once you replied to a client try to not keep him waiting, specially when the order is settled.

I don’t think a client will give you a bad review just because you missed his first message.

always response quickly. In case if you are busy and not in a position to discuss, then reply by typing few words and tell them that i m busy, will contact u shortly.
DON’T lost hope.
Every in-time reply will slowly make your response time better and one day it will be FINE.


Though if he responds to it his response rate will stay the same and his response time will change to 6 days. If the OP doesn’t get an order from that buyer (it’s possible in that 6 days they’ve gone to some other seller) the profile showing a 6 day avg response time might make it quite a bit harder to get other orders.

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Don’t worry about it.

You’re still quite new on the platform for it to hurt you much. So consider it as a reminder to be more diligent. Follow the advice that has been posted already and make sure you don’t miss any messages.

There are multiple ways to get around the extra-long response time. You can mention something in your profile description, e.g. “Don’t worry about the 6-hour response time. I reply within an hour or two unless it’s midnight at my place.”

Make sure you keep your words.

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Reviews can only be given for completed orders, not for inbox messages.

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Maybe he means if replying to the buyer’s message meant the buyer decided to order. In that case the buyer might say in the eventual review for the order, if made, that it took 6 days for the initial response. Maybe it might affect their “communication” rating.

Quite a while ago there was the thing where buyer’s could rate, privately, whether a message in the inbox was helpful or not.

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You should active on fiverr if any buyer message you then try to reply less than 1hour.